Turkey Vents: Total Drama All-Stars (Part One)

Hey, it's Turkey... yet again. As you know, I LOVE Total Drama, but not the atrocity known as Total Drama All-Stars AKA Total Drama Fail-Stars. For this vent, instead of doing a usual vent, I'm gonna put down 25 reasons TDAS was an AWFUL Total Drama season.

15- Not Keeping Challenges Consistent- At the start of the season, Chris calimed all the challenges would be a mixture of other challenges. However, later on in the series, this was not the case.The challenges in Sundae Muddy Sundae and The Final Wreck-ening beared little to no resemblance to other challenge. SMS' challenge was to find ingredients for ice cream throughout Wawankwa's "Most Dangerous Places". And for that challenge, they failed miserably. The cafeteria wasn't as dangerous as say, Mount Looming Tragedy or the remains of Mount Chrismore. The challenge was not only poorly executed, but terribly inconsistent. In The Final Wreck-ening's challenge, the goal was to cross a swamp, toxic waste, and lava to get to the end. I do get the lava part resembles Hawaiian Punch, but that's IT. The swamp and the toxic waste were irrelevent and had no origins (other than toxic waste being a big part of TDROTI).

14- Voice Acting Changes- This applies to two things: the voice actors half-a**ing some of their lines and a voice actor change. Courtney, Gwen, and Duncan's voices especially sounded a bit off half the time, especially Gwen's, but the worst voice change of them all was Alejandro's. He had a WHOLE NEW VOICE ACTOR. The old voice actor quit and the replacement's voice was too high pitched and too squealy. Maybe the robot suit DID impact his voice.... maybe it didn't. And Zoey's screams... enough said.

13- Screen Hogs- Mike and Zoey (I'll refer to them as Zoke from here on out) were the biggest screen hogs of the season. Half the season either revolved around Mike (Mal as well) and/or Zoey. I can't recall Sam, Lindsay, Lightning, Duncan, Sierra, or Cameron having well done plots. Mike and Zoey were a big reason for this, Sure, we had some good plots from Heather, Jo, Alejandro, Scott, Gwen, and Courtney, but Mike and Zoey took up half of the screen time and prevented their plots from surfacing more. Heck, Heather and Jo's rivalry barely got the spotlight because both of them were eliminated early! That, and while Zoke did manage a plot, Zoey and Mike (aside from his personalities) barely got any character development throughout the season. Zoey's personality is rather bland, and Mike without his personalities is incredibly bland as well.

12- "Heroes" vs "Villains"- The heroes and villains were poorly determined throughout the season. There is no way in hell Courtney is a hero after what she did in TDA. Also, what did GWEN deserve to be a villain? The initial teams were bad enough, but switching Duncan and Courtney was a TERRIBLE idea. It caused Duncan's God-awful plot and Gwen was STILL a villain! And I felt sorry for Cameron when he was forced onto the Villains team...

11- Stale Jokes- Sure, jokes aren't the only thing anout Total Drama, but still... the jokes were lacking. The only episodes I found rather funny were Evil Dread, Heroes Vs. Villains, Suckers Punched, and Moon Madness. Otherwise, Sundae Muddy Sundae and The Final Wreck-ening needed SOME jokes (though even them suddenly turning funny wouldn't make their reputation better), and many other episodes lacked good jokes, The worst jokes are in The Bold And The Booty-ful, where the desperate writers threw in poop jokes because they were CLEARLY out of ideas...

Read my next vent for the next five reasons. That's all, Turkey out!


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