Top Ten Reasons Why Total Drama All-Stars Was the Worst Total Drama Season


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21 Not enough characters per team

My version (Some of them didn't have much screen time by the way):
Heroes: Lindsay, Owen, Noah, Cameron, Zoey, Mike, Sierra, Cody, Leshawna, Brick, Izzy, Bridgette.
Villains: Jo, Lightning, Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Scott, Geoff (For Captain Hollywood), Blaineley, Heather, Alejandro, Justin, Anne Maria.
The season would feature an evil personality of Mike, but he'd be a flat out jerk, similar to Heather or Scott. Blaineley would get more screen time and would develop a story arc. The love triangle would end and all the members of it would be eliminated early. It would be 26 episodes long, and at the merge, there would be 2 returnees. About half of the people in the merge would be typical screen hogs from past seasons while the other half would just be beginning their development. Geoff and Bridgette would break up due to Geoff swelling his ego, and Bridgette would go out with Brick instead (weird, right? ). The finale would be Leshawna and Blaineley, and Leshawna would win in ...more - Turkeyasylum

22 Owen not in it

Owen should've been in it instead of Sam. - EpicJake

Owen deserved to be here considering he almost got his money in season 1.

23 So hyped then it was crap

I'm not the only one to think that all stars was hyped more than anything but then it sucked its like having a cake in front of your face and then just before you eat you have to watch an episode of all stars (the worst punishment of all) - Shartfart

24 Where was Bridgette

Bridgette is the best. She, and either ever or Blaineley needed to return and develop a larger rivalry. Actually a Jo/Bridgette rivalry would be better as Jo is a mix of ever and Blaineley.


25 They didn't put in Brick in favor of Sam
26 Sam shouldn't have competed this season.

Uh... Why Brick and Trent! I know they are fan favorites but you are forgetting characters like Owen, Harold, Izzy and Leshawna that have competed in all of the first three seasons. Why didn't they make it to all stars? Sam did? He got eliminated early in Season 4, and was a bland and boring character. Easily forgettable. Hopefully total drama will recreate a Season 7 All Stars and actually bring back worthy characters. Also I miss contestants like ever, Katie and Sadie. They might return as well.

Characters like Brick and Trent deserved to be in this season more than Sam.

Sam? , an ALL STAR, I like the guy but Brick should of competed. Or Trent. GWEN AND TRENT NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER!

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27 Lindsay was out first

Well, it was that or Courtney. I guess she wanted to get out.

Honestly? Lindsay has to win a season sooner or later.

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28 The music was gone!

I think what he or she meant was that the theme song was shortened to a measly 20 seconds. - Macy_Buehner

What do you mean by "the music"? The aftermath music, the certain moment music, what kind?

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29 The season was rushed

To quote Shigeru Miyamoto: "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." The same applies with animated series. If the writers were able to take more time in the writing process, we wouldn't have gotten stinkers such as "Sundae Muddy Sundae" and "The Final Wreck-ening". We might have also gotten more episodes in this competition, and thus more contestants.

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30 Mike didn't get enough time to be himself after getting rid of the alter egos
31 They left Sanders out

Have you lost your mind? All Stars came out before Ridinculous Race!

She made it to the bottom 2 teams in Ridonculous Race for crying out loud! She is an All-star for sure!

32 Cody wasn't a contestant

Sierra was lame without him.

33 They had Sierra without Cody

Which does not make one bit of sense. Sierra and Cody could have finally became a couple but they left him out and had her chasing after Cameron, who is clearly not Cody for obvious reasons.

To be honest Sierra was a mess without Cody. - Macy_Buehner

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34 Ridonculous Race characters were not added

The Ridonculous Race didn't even exist when All Stars was airing. -_- - Macy_Buehner

People like Ryan would have been a good addition.

Laurie! I want more Laurie.

Kitty should have been there!

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35 Lightning became a jerk V 3 Comments
36 Alejandro was unfairly voted off

Yeah! Finally Alejandro fans exist!

Alejandro is the best! Best character ever!

I agree! - Macy_Buehner

37 Staci wasn't a contestant

Staci is undeserving. She was booted first!

Why would you want Sadie as a contestant?

Feral Zeke laughs at your comment.

38 They didn't do a losers episode.

Do you remember in Total Drama Island they did an episode dedicated to all the loser in their losers mansion?! It would've been so cool to see where the old people were!

39 Not Enough Heather
40 Its fourth episode was a copy of season 4's

To put it simply, both episodes involved a horror themed night challenge and a member of the losing team volunteered for elimination only to be moved to the opposite team.

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