Top Ten Reasons Why Total Drama All-Stars Was the Worst Total Drama Season


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41 The merge was early

The merge was early. I don't know it its just me but I think Total Drama All Stars was better before they merged. After the merge it got annoying.

Sierra could've made the merge if it wasn't too early!

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42 Courtney didn't win

I agree I think that Courtney should've won because she was developed very awesomely

Courtney has always been my favorite So can't she just win one season. They just screw everything up with Courtney

But do you really want to see her win? No? That's what I thought. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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43 They forgot Brick

Brick needed to be in this. My brother is a huge fan of Sam but Brick made it further.
If Brick was in this and Jo and Lightning stayed longer, there could have been an athlete love triangle. Half because I wanted Jo and Brick to hook up in revenge of the island AND half because Brick beating the crap out of Lightning would have been so satisfying.

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44 No aftermath!

The aftermath show rocked. They could of had 4 hosts. Geoff and Bridgette and 2 TDROTI characters that weren't in all stars. The aftermath had jokes, funny clips, and the classic total drama humor.

I'm thinking of a future season where the aftermath comes back

45 The confessionals weren't as funny as before

Well the funny ones were the Mal confessionals.

46 The characters rarely show up in the finale!

They pretty much killed them off. The Total Drama Wiki says the all stars in the balloons are still out there. Maybe possible the competitors left out in the water are still out, because he sank with the island, and then came back for the spinoff. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

All characters would root for the ones they like!

47 Devin wasn't in it

Devin was created after All Stars

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48 Dawn and Jacques were missing V 1 Comment
49 Carrie wasn't in it

Who was the stupid troll who kept adding these trash items about Ridonculous Race Characters not returning?

50 They left Samey out

Not sure how this works being before she appeared on the show. However I would love to see Samantha/Sammy come back either on a different team or season from her B! %@# of a sister. Heck she holds high ranks in my book to be a winner.

51 They forgot Sadie
52 Sam was chosen to come back over Beardo V 1 Comment
53 No Jay and Mickey

I agree they're great characters, BUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! YOU CAN'T BE AN ALL STAR UNTIL YOU'VE ACTUALLY PLAYED! - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

54 Sam was eliminated too early

I agree with this one! He was basically a punching bag this season :( - Macy_Buehner

I think he should have stayed longer!

55 Tammy wasn't included V 3 Comments
56 Rodney wasn't included

Actually this is good because Rodney SUCKS! His flirting is SO DAMN ANNOYING!

57 Kitty wasn't a contestant
58 Cameron didn't win


He won TDRI so it would of been unfair if he won this season as well. - Macy_Buehner

59 They didn't do a losers episode.

Do you remember in Total Drama Island they did an episode dedicated to all the loser in their losers mansion?! It would've been so cool to see where the old people were!

60 Not Enough Heather
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