Top Ten Reasons Why Transformers Prime Was a Great Show


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1 It was well written

Up until the Beast hunters story line arc, that killed it

2 It had developed characters
3 The story was amazing
4 It's not a kiddie show

It's got cybertronian blood, and the plot got dark. - Therandom

5 It shows everyone how bad Micheal Bay's Transformers movies are

That's how good this is. - Therandom

YESS! So true!

6 Good voice acting

Frank Welker As Megatron Is Still Terrifyingly Great Today - JPK

7 Good Autobot and Decepticom choices
8 Starscream went rogue

Starvation is not guilty or a bad guy he is not a deception he used to be and he didn't mean to killed cliffhanger in the first place and next time someday. I want racer to forgive him

9 Some of the humans were likeable

And they were the worst things about the show, and they still were likeable. - Therandom

10 Soundwave was awesome

He looks like a robot slender man.

The Contenders

11 Megatron was awesome

He's the what Megatron. No one but him deserves to lead. Megatron was brutal, the only transformer that can beat him is Optimus. Sorry, bit of a fanboy moment... And no, I don't love him the way danteem loves luigi. - Therandom

12 Arcee was hot

Her redesign was certainly appealing.

13 The show was funny

The thing that makes this different from Michael Bay's live action films is that this show actually has humor. I had to pause at the Predocons Rising movie because I was laughing too hard at what Knock Out said. - Ultron123

The Decepticons were hilarious! Knockout was super funny and Starscream was mlg.

14 It's a sequel to War for Cybertron & Fall of Cybertron

A good T.V. show for 2 good games. - Ultron123

I only played War for Cybertron, and it's epic. I should get Fall though - DarkShadows

15 Knock Out was funny
16 Characters that are from G1 are still true to who they are

No massive changes. Megatron was still trying to be scary, Starscream was still a backstabber, and Optimus was still heroic and all but seemed a bit short on words. Ok he'd never have the kind of insults that he gave Megatron in G1, but he's still good. The Bumblebee's voice thing is forgivable. Breakdown wasn't paranoid, he was just angry instead, which suited him. And when the show needed a new sassy character...we got Knockout.

17 Bumblebee ends up getting his real voice in the final episode
18 It was a good all CGI cartoon
19 Autobot team was perfect
20 Predaking was awesome
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1. It was well written
2. It had developed characters
3. The story was amazing
1. It was well written
2. It had developed characters
3. The story was amazing


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