Top Ten Reasons Why Trolling Is Bad


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1 It ruins the site

It's the reason that I want to delete my stupid Jimmy Neutron Characters list. - RalphBob

2 It makes people want to retire

Actually, it was someone named MsWiseGuy that made those users retire.

It made Otakugamergirl and MLPs whatever her name is retire and I might just retire of it (Probably not though) - 2storm

3 It is mean
4 People hate it
5 It makes people mad
6 It's a waste of time

Exactly. I'm here to make lists, not enemies. - sketchysteve

7 It makes people want to commit suicide

It's called cyber Bulling except less serious - 2storm

8 It's stupid
9 It's not good to hold a grudge

I am currently holding over 9000 grudges right now.

10 They're not listening to Admin

People just need to listen to him! - Danteem

The Contenders

11 Life's too short to be angry
12 It doesn't entertain

In The Season 10 SpongeBob List
Some Of The Troll Comments Are Hilariously Bad - JPK

13 It's just as bad as bullying

Only difference is that it has a different name. - sketchysteve

14 Life won't wait for you
15 It makes you look like a moron

Trolling doesn't make you look like a moron. It makes you a moron. - sketchysteve

16 It's not fun

Actually, it is.

Yes it is.

17 It Can Get Your Account Deleted
18 It's not funny
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