Top Ten Reasons Why Trolls is Better Than The Secret Life of Pets

I love Trolls, but I despise The Secret Life of Pets. Here's the list.

The Top Ten

1 Trolls has great action. The Secret Life of Pets barely does.

I Respect Your Opinion - JPK

Not action movies - PeeledBanana

Agreed. - darthvadern

2 Trolls has colorful animation. The Secret Life of Pets has an unfinished feel.

Both Have Great Animation - JPK

Yes, the enviroment was very colorful, while The Secret Life of Pets lacked colours. - darthvadern

3 Chef and Creek are better villains than Snowball.

Snowball is way better - PeeledBanana

Really? I found all three of them to be weak villains to be honest. But meh that's just me. - Anonymousxcxc

4 Poppy is caring, Max has no heart.

Max Has A Heart
He Just Wasn't Used To Change - JPK

5 Poppy is patient, Gidget is a whiny moron.

Ouch - JPK


6 Branch has a good diet, Duke is fat and eats all the sausages.
7 Branch and Poppy are a better couple than Max and Gidget.
8 Trolls has a better fandom.

Pets Doesn't Even Have One - JPK

9 Poppy was going on a real quest, not to find her "true love".

Yeah, good point - micahisthebest

Poopy when to find Creek so...

10 Trolls had clean scenes. The scene when Max and Duke drown is way too harsh for a children's film.

They put violent scenes in many kids' movies. - Powerfulgirl10

Good Movies Like The Incredibles And The Lion King Are Also Quite Violent - JPK

The Contenders

11 Trolls doesn't rip off any movies, while Secret Life of Pets rips off Toy Story
12 In Trolls nobody frames their relatives.

I Only Saw Max Angry At Duke - JPK

13 In The Secret Life of Pets, Pops (an elderly, retired dog) found Chloe (a young, about teenage in cat years, cat) attractive.

Plus It Was Played For Laughs - JPK

Um, yeah. The movie was alright, but it peeved me that Pops was a "peedo". - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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