Top Ten Reasons Why Trotsky is Better Then Trump

The Top Ten

1 Trotsky was a better military leader and political leader.

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-respond, Lucretia - Nonpointed

Sorry of ranting one of your lists since yesterday I'm always angry whenever I'm sick my ear hurts and taints very badly so please forgive me- Kevinsidis

I'm going to disagree with you there.I believe they used communism in the wrong ways by their wretched palms which caused vengeful wrath and leaked chaos look I believe in communism because I rebel against stupidity which I have a strong hatred of idiocy so much that making it perish could be good by a law,but separating them is the best method.And the most abusive power in any way of communism is starting a massacre to show that pol pot was a one damn ruthless Sob so as Stalin! We could use that form of government by constructing the economy,and more extraordinary I don't know but please- Kevinsidis

2 Trotsky was a noble person, Trump was a draft dodging coward.
3 Trotsky was more beautiful and not fat.
4 Trotsky had a cooler name. Leon Trotsky was really Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, Trump was just Donald John Trump.
5 Trotsky did not have 5 kids with three different wives.
6 Trotsky was a Marxist and a theorist, Trump is not.
7 Trotsky was a kind person.
8 Trotsky had did more to positively influence the world.
9 Trotsky wanted equality, Trump is against it.
10 Trotsky had a more noble upbringing.
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