Top 10 Reasons Why Turkmenistan is Better Than the USA

Here are the top 10 reasons why Turkmenistan is better than the United States Of America.

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1 Turkmenistan is the freest country in the world!

No, Turkmenistan has a strict government that runs on the basis of "foreign influences will ruin culture", so your point is invalid. - Swellow

No, Turkmenistan is the North Korea of Asia.
Oh wait, North Korea IS in Asia. My bad.

Haha no - Jackamalio

2 You'll hardly get a "no" to a request.

Have you even been to Turkmenistan?

3 They have attractive carpets.
4 They have a great language.
5 A US $1 dollar bill can buy you more in Turkmenistan.
6 They're independence day is close to Halloween.

How is this a good reason to prove a country with a autocracy (not like Connor Butthumper would know the definition of that) is better then a democracy? That's like saying Pancakes are good because Donald Trump has blonde hair. This list is terrible.

How is this a reason?

7 Turkmenistan is slightly larger than California.

That's like saying the UK is better than Hawaii because it's bigger.

8 The president is head of state and head of the government.

And you think that's a GOOD thing? You are extraordinarily ignorant and frighteningly foolish. You have no understanding of the foundation of American freedom.

He's always like this. I mean he obsesses over Blaze and acts like Blaze is his girlfriend. - Ultron123

9 It has a higher percentage of National Parliament Seats held by women.
10 Turkmenistan has fewer deaths than the USA per year, per capita

How not to make a list. - Swellow

People should not attempt arguing by statistics when they don't even understand the language or logic. Deaths "per capita" makes absolutely ZERO sense. It's as nonsensical as saying "persons per capita." Beyond that, the difference you cite is 0.1 percent. Well within reasonable margin of error and, therefore, statistically nonexistent.

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11 Better prostitutes

Borat - lilrocketman

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