Top 10 Reasons Why Twerking Will Not Be Remembered

Face it. Twerking's gonna vanish from the mainstream just like a lot of other horrible bandwagons. Give it a couple months or two and it will happen. Trust me.

The Top Ten

1 It's going to become irrelevant just like other bandwagons from the past
2 More and more people will get sick of it


I know! I hate twerking. It's completely stupid. When I twerk, I feel like an idiot. I wish twerking never existed.

Last week I saw my MOM twerking! I tried to tell her its over but she didn't believe me!

3 More and more people will look back and say "why the hell was I doing this?! Man was I stupid."
4 More people will forget that Miley Cyrus even existed
5 One day, the Media will view it as a bad influence for the youth and will let parents encourage their kids not to do it
6 It's gross
7 No one will bring it back into the mainstream because more and more people will find it disgusting
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