Top Ten Reasons Why Twilight Haters Are More Annoying Than Twilight Fans

I really like Twilight, but I'm really annoyed by haters more than the fans

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1 Haters only hate Twilight because it's popular

This site is the cringiest thing I have ever seen
-bye ( you number 1 twilight hater)

No, I hate it because it’s a love triangle between a girl, a hundred year old guy, and a dog.

Nope. I hate it because everyone says that Harry Potter copied Twilight, but the first Harry Potter book was released years before the first Twilight book. That is my main reason

I Don't like twilight nor hate it because it was so boring that it made me fell asleep in first 5 minutes. - Aguythatpeopleignores

2 Haters have dumb reasons to hate it

I don't think it's dumb to say that Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. It's common knowledge and a pretty good reason to despize Twilight!

One of the worst lists I've seen in awhile. So people that hate Twilight have dumb reasons to hate it? Right... the fans totallly don't have dumb reasons to like it.

Ruinng the image of vampire and turning them into sparkly vampire thing a good reason to me. - Sunflowerswag

Is cheesy love and a bad script a stupid reason to hate

3 Twilight fans don't bash haters like haters do

I saw a blog post (not in this website) about someone that loves Twilight and hates Harry Potter. Then, the hater said that he doesn't want to live in this planet. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

It's the other way around. Many Twilight fans can't respect opinions and send death threats. Some have even tried to kill people for hating Twilight.

Okay I personally detest Twilight but I don't mind if people like/love it as long as they respect my opinions. Not everybody likes it. We're all entitled to our opinions. Before you say anything, I'm just playing devil's advocate. There have been incidents where Twilight fans have attempted to murder anyone who hates Twilight.

A Twilight fangirl asked a boy classmate if he likes Twilight, he nonchalantly replied "No" and then she threw a beaker full of hydrochloric acid at his face(which is the most corrosive and dangerous acid I kid you not) and tried to hack him with a compass needle.

A Twilight fangirl shot someone with a flare gun at a fishing dock when she overheard the person and his friends talking about why they hate Twilight. She was charged for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

A Twilight fangirl threw a brick at someone's head for disagreeing with them.

etc. etc.

It's just a movie/film series, it shouldn't be taken so seriously and ...more - RedSpiderLily

Twitards are idiot and they send death threats

4 Haters compare Twilight to other book series that are different

Why so many people compare Twilight to Harry Potter? I like both, but they have almost nothing in common - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

People compare twilight to harry potter because they want to show how bad twilight is

Of course I compare Twilight to Harry Potter. It's so much better and more structured.

Um Twilight fans compare Twilight with other franchises that are different like DC comics. Such pathological liars they are

5 Haters say lies about Twilight

Ummm... he watches girls through their windows without their knowledge...

But I bet that's so romantic to you!

I haven't seen one thing bad about twilight that wasn't a lie: the definition of werewolf is unwillingly turning in to a wolf-like creature.
And that's just one.

I looked at all of these items on the poll and most of the comments made by Twiligt haters got positive votes

"Edward is a stalker"
No, Edward is not a stalker at all - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

6 The fact that the actor that played Edward also played Cedric on Harry Potter

Robert Pattinson admitted that he likes Cedric better than Edward. He admitted that when he read the script, he hated Edward's character. - RedSpiderLily

It may make some people angry, but he is just an actor. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

RedSpiderLily his first movie wasn't Harry Potter it was Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King also called Curse of The Ring. He had long hair then.

I noticed that the majority of the comments in this poll were made by other haters. proof that Twilight has more haters than fans

7 Haters can do other things than bashing a book series

I read the books and watched the movies and realized that I didn't like them. Initially I was interested but then I changed my mind - RedSpiderLily

If you hate the books or the movies, why are you watching/reading them? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

A response to BlueDiamondFromNowhere:
I don't read/watch the series. I began to read it, but immediately stopped because it sucked so bad. I know so much about it because of the unnatural number of Twi-hards at the school. Also, memes gave me info.

8 Most of them didn't even read the books or watch the movies

I watched the movie and I do not have an opinion because I was asleep until the movie ended god it was so boring. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I've read it and watched it and I didn't like it you Twilight fans need to start respecting different opinions

Well, I've seen the movies and read one book. I almost fell asleep during the movie and gave up on the book.

If you don't even know what it is, why do you hate it? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

9 The number of fans are bigger than the number of haters

I think it's the other way around. If you look at Twilight hate videos on YouTube, you can see that there are more likes than dislikes

Hah hah hah hah. That was a good joke.

No its not. do your research.

No matter what it is - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

10 Haters have no life

Not truE really. People can hate something with out being lifeless. I hate it but I have a life.

This is completely rude. I have no life? You have none then. It's that simple.

Wow this reason is so hypocritical they say that haters have no life yet they hate other stuff as well. Everyone's gotta hate something

Stephen King, Miley Cyrus, Shailene Woodley, etc. hate Twilight and they're celebrities. There's even references to hating Twilight in popular culture. There was an anti-Twilight episode in Supernatural, there was a scene in Hotel Transylvania where Dracula said "This is how we're represented? Unbelievable" in a grumpy tone of voice when he saw a scene from Twilight. - RedSpiderLily

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11 "Still a better love story than Twilight"

Not every presentation of love is a "better love story than Twilight". This is probably the worst overused comment ever.

If you mean Harry Potter, then yes. Harry left (to destroy Voldemort) Ginny and did Ginny curl up in a ball for months doing nothing? No. She trained the kids of Hogwarts to fight well

It's because the type of love story Twilight revolves around is just not romantically appropriate

Sword Art Online is still a better love story than Twilight. Don't deny it, Sword Art Online haters.

12 The haters haven't even read the books or watched the movies, but lie that they have

Sorry but you can't have any opinion on whether Twilight is good or bad unless you actually experience some of it. But all of you dumbass haters say you have, when you clearly haven't. Why would you go to the trouble anyway? Many anti-fans just decide they hate it because others hate it. This is coming from a person who is totally neutral towards Twilight, because I don't care for it at all, but the anti-fans are far worse than the fans from my neutral perspective.

I have seen two of the movies and half of the last one and I fell asleep during the second one, and just didn't really bother to pay attention to the others. It could be better. I have read one book but didn't enjoy it.

I have read all the books at least 6 times for each and I hate it. But I still read it because there's little parts in the books that I want to read again because it's most entertaining.

I've read the books and watched the movies and I realized I didn't like it. - RedSpiderLily

13 The fans are hypocrites

This list

14 There is no list on "Best things about Twilight" proving haters are bored.
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