Top Ten Reasons Why Twilight Isn't a Good Series


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1 It ruined vampires

The Count from Sesame Street is a better vampire then Edward could ever be. - 445956

You roasted twilight get rekt son

2 Not a good love story

It's literally an abuse fantasy Edward is such an abusive ass to Bella. So is Jacob. Both of them suck. - Rue

My people call it 'domestic abuse' - TwilightKitsune

A lot of people are spamming comments such as "Still a better love story than Twilight" - Neonco31

3 The characters are dumb
4 Bella Swan is a bad role model
5 The writing of the book lacks skill

A film starring a cardboard cutout being moved through the woods would be more entertaining.

6 The movie wasn't that good
7 Stephanie Meyer has a bad interpretation of vampires
8 Bella is a moron
9 Not good actors in the movie

I mean seriously, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart? - TristGamer

10 It's an abuse fantasy

The whole thing revolves around the two protagonists who are in an abusive relationship. If you look it up, there is every sign of abuse by Edward. Also, Bella is so helpless without her sparklepixie, and even attempted suicide when he left. If that's not bad enough, she came crying back to him. I really despise that she's so dependent on Edward, especially when he's such a jerk. The whole relationship is just too twisted to comprehend.

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11 Breaking Dawn is literally an epic battle scene that never happened
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