Top Ten Reasons Why Twilight Sparkle Is Awesome

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1 She's very nice

Twilight is super nice to her friends because she truly cares about them and there is a reason why Twilight Sparkle is The Princess of Friendship because no one understands friendship like she does! :-)!

And I don't get it why do fans like Rainbow Dash more? - Neonco31

2 She's cute

I can't choose because there all good points

No one could resist those cute eyes! :-) - Pegasister12

She's irresistible cute - Neonco31

She makes the most Kawai faces in the show

3 She's the most well developed character in My Little Pony

True. But I prefer Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and the other Princesses. - RiverClanRocks

I'd say Sunet Shimmer is a better developed character. Why isn't she the main star of the show?!?!?

4 She's very smart

No one can disagree on that fact

Sure... But she got the square root of 546 wrong.
I'm saying that she's only smart magic wise

Dude it is a cartoon cartoons they
Don't say the right answer

Yep! - Neonco31

5 She's the funniest My Little Pony character

That scene where she goes crazy in Lesson Zero :P - Neonco31

6 She's a hard worker
7 She's voiced by Tara Strong

But she sounds to me like the racist and bigoted princess Clara

8 She is weird V 1 Comment
9 She looks awesome
10 She is sexy V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 She doesn't treat her friends like crap


12 She is mature

Most mature of all - Neonco31

13 She kicked Tirek
14 She likes books
15 She's pretty

She's probably as pretty as Rarity and Fluttershy.Maybe even as pretty as Celestia - MLPFan

16 She was the only one to notice the true identity of fake Princess Cadence V 1 Comment
17 She's Shining Armor's little sister
18 She's one of the most influential animated female characters.
19 She is the hope and future of Canterlot
20 She fought Nightmare Moon
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