Top Ten Reasons Why Twilight Sparkle Is Awesome

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1 She's the most well developed character in My Little Pony

Shut up please? Twilight is well developed character in the show. Sunset and rainbow is a biggest dumb

She is the best character with best Personalities

True. But I prefer Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and the other Princesses. - RiverClanRocks

I'd say Sunet Shimmer is a better developed character. Why isn't she the main star of the show?!?!?

2 She's very smart

No one can disagree on that fact

Sure... But she got the square root of 546 wrong.
I'm saying that she's only smart magic wise

Dude it is a cartoon cartoons they
Don't say the right answer

Yep! - Neonco31

3 She's very nice

Twilight is super nice to her friends because she truly cares about them and there is a reason why Twilight Sparkle is The Princess of Friendship because no one understands friendship like she does! :-)!

And I don't get it why do fans like Rainbow Dash more? - Neonco31

4 She's the funniest My Little Pony character

That scene where she goes crazy in Lesson Zero :P - Neonco31

5 She's a hard worker
6 She's cute

I can't choose because there all good points

No one could resist those cute eyes! :-) - Pegasister12

She's irresistible cute - Neonco31

She makes the most Kawai faces in the show

7 She's voiced by Tara Strong

But she sounds to me like the racist and bigoted princess Clara

8 She is weird V 1 Comment
9 She looks awesome
10 She is sexy V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 She kicked Tirek

I dunno way to say I just thought this was a good reason lol!

12 She doesn't treat her friends like crap


13 She is mature

Most mature of all - Neonco31

14 She likes books
15 She's pretty

She's probably as pretty as Rarity and Fluttershy.Maybe even as pretty as Celestia - MLPFan

16 She is the hope and future of Canterlot
17 She fought Nightmare Moon
18 She was the only one to notice the true identity of fake Princess Cadence V 1 Comment
19 She looks after Spike
20 She is a good sister
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