Reasons Why Uganda Knuckles is a Bad Meme

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1 It's Overused It's Overused

I think the meme is funny but yes its overused - Lunala

I Agree With This List - JPK

What’s next Korean Sticks

It is no Sanic

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2 It Makes Fun of Ebola It Makes Fun of Ebola

Mean spirited Ebola jokes are really unfunny and stupid. People die from it, very sad

Ebola isn't funny. It is a serious disease from Africa. - HelloWhyImHere

Grow up guys, it is dark humour. Geez, special snowflakes are killing comedy.

Even dark humor needs to be good, other wise ended up offensive. - BorisRule

3 YouTubers Starting to Get Uganda Knuckles Profile Pictures

They need to get a life by stopping with the trolling

4 It Ruined Knuckle's Legacy

Knuckles is an awesome character. How dare they do this to him - Randomator

R.I.P. Real Knuckles (1994-2018).

Very true.

5 It's Unfunny It's Unfunny

It’s not funny at all, honestly. - Deathtop10

6 It's Stupid

Yep. Stupid. - Deathtop10

7 It's Annoying


8 It's Overrated
9 It Brainwashes Others Into Liking the Meme
10 It's Racist

Just because it's from Africa doesn't exactly mean it's racist. - SpectralOwl

No it isn't. Not a good meme though. - 445956

Get a grip!

If its OK to do accents from countries with mostly white people (e.g. Scotland) why isn't it OK to do accents of countries with mostly black people? Are they KKK or what?

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11 It Makes Knuckles Dumb

Seriously, he is not dumb.

Seriously? Why are you doing this to Knuckles - Randomator

12 The Grammar Makes It Trash The Grammar Makes It Trash

The second worst thing about it. The first worst being that it says there is only ONE way on how to live your life when there are billions of ways of how to live your life!

13 It's Repetitive It's Repetitive

Blue Ugandan Knuckles

What’s that blue thing with knuckles?

14 It's now a normie meme
15 They Made Shirts
16 It's Disgusting
17 It Made VRChat Worse

Now that the entire community of VRChat has the Uganda Knuckles skin on, I’ll have to agree with this. - Deathtop10

18 It Mocks an Accent

I got it banned in my school because I told a teacher about the mockery in it. In dancehall, accents are liked (e.g. Dutty and gyal) whereas in this meme, they are being poked fun at (da wae)
- TheDuttyGyal

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