Reasons Why the United States Is Better Than Canada

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1 Friendlier People

Canada is literally known for being friendly and polite. And the fact that the people of America actually elected Donald Trump as president says a lot about the type of people who live there. So many people voted for someone who is publicly racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, and immature. If so many people support that type of a person to be their leader, I doubt there are many friendly people living in America.

Stupid hoe

It's true. I can be waiting in line at Walmart and just have a nice conversation with the person behind me. Canadians, not so much.

Are you kidding me.

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2 Justin Bieber Didn't Come From The US

That's amazing

Justin bieber sucks so now Amarica is awesome

Ik he came from Canada yey we have Justin Bieber!

Does it matter? No.

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3 Prettier Cities

Canadian cities are ugly. - tigerbw

Americas cities has pollution Canada doesn't

Even if the population is the same, some cities have a higher global presence

Pollution and expansion is pretty how? - benhos

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4 Better Weather

America does have a variety of climates, but Canada isn't only cold. The temperature during the summer can go up to 40 degrees (occasionally). Still, having a better climate makes America better than Canada.

your right

The US has all kinds of climates all over the country. Canada is just one climate: cold.

Much better weather for sure. - funnyuser

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5 Much More World Top-Ranked Universities

That's literally the only reason that I agree on.

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn- I could honestly go on and on.

Ha ha ha... False.

Top ranked ≠ Better

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6 More Clubs

Stop hurting us canadians at we are polite

7 America has Donald Trump

Trump is the greatest President of all time

Canada>USA. This list makes zero sense by the way. From a fellow Canuck.

Damn... I'm so jealous...

Drums is way better by far what are you talking about Canada is making weed legal

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8 Lower Cost of Living

Yes most defanetly

Its not just the free health care, we have have a lower value dollar.

The only reason Canada has higher taxes is because Canada has FREE HEALTH CARE.

Another name for Canada is! The Snow Commies

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9 Prettier Women

Fat and stupid.

Go to any socal coastline, and try and say, USA doesn't have the most beautiful women per capita in the world

That is true

That’s retarded and offensive you ass. Go take a walk down the street and look at some of the girls in America the come to Canada and see the girls here you lowlifed freak - Amaimon

10 USA is Free

Canada isn't free compared to the states at all. Canada has super strict gun laws, Trudeau passed a bill that effectively destroyed free speech, Ontario has so many rules and laws its insane (like no Right hand drive cars? ) the list goes on. America is actually free, and I'm Canadian. Canada is a joke these days..

So is Canada you jackasses.

And this reason is why people do not like America.

USA is an independent country, american does not need to bow down to a monarchy, they can put, and they can take their leader whenever they want. - NZGUY85

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11 Better Music Artists

100% true, we have black sabbath

I think america has better music than Canada because the American singer have more talent then allot of Canadian singers. also I think American songs and singers are more original and their music is more popular and appeals more to me.

That's right. Because all the up and coming stars leave small town Canada to move to Hollywood where they dominate the music and film industry. Seriously? The US has ten times the population so should have ten times the stars. Our singers are influential just like yours. Celine? Bryan Adams? Alanis morrisette? Leonard Cohen (the guy who wrote hallelujah)?

You know, you guys are right when you say we gave you Justin Bieber (us Canucks call him Justin Beaver), but if was you AMERICANS who made the guy famous, not us! You took that idiot and made him a celebrity!

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12 More McDonald's

Mate that's a negative

This reason just goes to show how Canada is BETTER


This list is really stupid.

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13 More Sexy Woman

You are so narrow-minded it is sad you can't see that not all of America is fat, as an American I respect Canada but I find that Canadians are not as nice as they say because of assumptions like yours.

America has a better naked girls than canada.

If you find obese sexy.. Well, each to their own, I guess. - LemonComputer

Yeas this is

14 America Has More Money


True that.

Canadians are mostly broke and in huge credit card debt. Visit vancouver and you'll see what I mean.

15 More Powerful Military

"better army" Canada has some of the top snipers in the world and last time I checked has the best long range snipers recorded, so ok "better army" right, sorry I felt like this was the only thing I could add to this list

Way Stronger compared to canda more nukes and better army

16 Not Depended on UK
17 More Oil

America buys more oil from Canada than it has itself, and they don't even buy all of Canada's oil. The only good argument on this entire list is better weather.

USA gets oil from Canada retard that made this list.

Maybe they buy oil from Canada because their so desperate for money

a lie

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18 More Sex and Entertainment

As a Filipino from the Philippines, if more sex in the U.S., Canada is still better - waraypiso

19 More Happiness


20 More Interesting Cities and Culture

Well regardless of your opinion about possible lack of culture in USA. When people want to visit a country and do tourism they decide to come to USA over Canada. In fact USA occupy second country in the world in foreign visitors, outperform by only France. Even more facts for you, annually Mexico is more visited by tourists than canada. So please... Don't even try to think that canada can outperform USA in culture. Just facts.

What culture?

A culture of McDonalds. Very interesting. - LemonComputer

21 Faster Internet
22 More Patriotic

To me, that's pretty much a downside. - LemonComputer

23 Isn't Politically Correct

Well actually your wrong...not Americans, illegals mostly...that's what Trump is going go fix.

People from the us literally bring guns into churches to shoot people cause they have different faiths

24 We Have Logic

This one makes no sense

25 USA has no LemonComputer guy

Best one on this list so far

boi bye

USA doesn't have the LemonComputer guy in it. he sucks nutz

26 USA has a better leader than Canada


Neither is good... Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau! Are you kidding?

27 Americans has many Conservatives
28 No Justin Trudeau
29 More Action

Loooll if you like to get in trouble be an alcoholic a prostitute and a druggie, plus ll dat stuff is in AMERICAN movies more action, hilarious

30 More Work
31 US is Friendlier

Seriously... are you kidding. Tell that to all the US people who travel to Europe with a Canadian flag sown onto their backpacks.

Notice on this platform that the Canadians ones giving opinions are the meanest and most negative? I wonder why? It's because they feel inferior to US people.

32 US Likes The Native Marine Mammals Better

Ahem SeaWorld... - TheCanadianLoyalist

OK. Canada clubs seals to death and eats whale meat! That is so mean!

The native people have to in order to survive and make clothes suitable for the weather. How is it any better eating bacon or beef? - LemonComputer

33 America Was the First Country to Send Someone to the Moon

Um no, The Soviet Union was, I’m American and I know this. Change this to “America sent a person to the moon before Canada”

34 Better Accents

Americans don't even have an accent! - LemonComputer

As if. Canadians have a relaxed, carefree accent. The US? They sound like they think they're so perfect.

I do not know one person who speaks with a stereotypical Canadian accent and I'm Canadian

35 More Population

Hah only 12 reasons why usa is better and 36 reasons on why Canada is better.

36 More Houses, Buildings, and Stores
37 More Business
38 More Fun and You Never Get Bored

Yeah being a hooker and going to strip clubs. America has the worst entertainment - Amaimon

39 US Has an Ego

A huuuge one - LemonComputer

40 We Have a Space Program
41 More Badasses
42 Invaded 22 countries in the past 20 years

And this makes it better how?

43 Things are Cheaper a the Us Than Canada
44 More Information Technology
45 More Things To Do
46 America Has Better Kitchen Designers
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