Reasons Why the United States Is Better Than Canada

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1 Friendlier People

You can obviously see on YouTube otherwise. People only care about themselves. Republicans use the Bible as an excuse to be rude and unfair towards others. People hate Muslims although there are way more Christians terrorizing the middle east than there are Muslims terrorizing anywhere else. Black Lives Matter exists, which is a violent, racist group. Men talking lowly about women then getting angry at the amount of lesbians that exist. Only males being able to be the President, whereas other 1st world countries have stopped that being a tradition. Being a Democrat is seen as being dumb simply because Democrats care about others and are not just for themselves constantly. I wouldn't say that a country with such people existing has 'friendly people'. - LemonComputer

I would like to say that it is true, Canada has two faces, the good one to make people love them and the evil one that they hide from you.

USA Can have bad thing bad Americans are true, if they do bad things they will admit not hide like Canadians.

Donald Trump was elect president of USA by American people therefore he shall be respect and accept by each country and each people from the world.

When I visit USA I was received by friendly and kind people, however when I was in Canada what I saw was COLD, RACIST, RUDE, AND FAKE PEOPLE.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, Seriously? Have you visited Canada? Have you seen much friendlier people? Have you seen the Crime Rate? Have you even seen their backgrounds? NO! This list is BULL! - Adamshane1999

Lol a lot of salty Canadians seem to be heavy breathing while typing out their comments here.

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2 Justin Bieber Didn't Come From The US

Does it matter? No.

Haha...I Love this One!

Justin bieber sucks so now Amarica is awesome

Ik he came from Canada yey we have Justin Bieber!

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3 Prettier Cities

Pollution and expansion is pretty how? - benhos

Sorry Canada. You don't have NYC.

LOL WHAT Canada has cities of the same population as the US: Toronto and Chicago are similar in population, Toronto has a lot less crime and pollution, Montreal and Philadelphia are similar in population, which has less crime and pollution? that's right, Montreal

Even if the population is the same, some cities have a higher global presence

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4 Better Weather

America does have a variety of climates, but Canada isn't only cold. The temperature during the summer can go up to 40 degrees (occasionally). Still, having a better climate makes America better than Canada.

The US has all kinds of climates all over the country. Canada is just one climate: cold.

Much better weather for sure. - funnyuser

I’m sorry, but I can’t handle winter! It sucks so bad in Canada that in Nova Scotia your house will get purely buried by a turd of snow! And in the prairies since there a not a lot of trees, the wind blows you right across the face as snow gives you billions of frost bites. The only non snowy place in Canada is our south west coast in Vancouver and Victoria. But still it rains lots there, and it does not really get warm in the summer. I get that in Death Valley, California it’s so hot that you cook alive, but like in maui it is perfect weather.

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5 Much More World Top-Ranked Universities

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn- I could honestly go on and on.

Ha ha ha... False.

Top ranked ≠ Better

We also only have about a tenth of your population, so there should be ten times more top universities than Canada.
Also,the prices in the U.S. are WAAAYY higher

6 More Clubs

Stop hurting us canadians at we are polite

7 Lower Cost of Living

Actually, it's right. The taxes are much higher in Canada than they are in America.

The only reason Canada has higher taxes is because Canada has FREE HEALTH CARE.

Your darn right, Americans have it way easier

Another name for Canada is! The Snow Commies

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8 America has Donald Trump

This is why I prefer being Canadian

Yo Donald trump is the worst, I would rather Justin Trudeau and

Drums is way better by far what are you talking about Canada is making weed legal

Canada suckss

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9 USA is Free

So is Canada you jackasses.

USA is an independent country, american does not need to bow down to a monarchy, they can put, and they can take their leader whenever they want. - NZGUY85

And this reason is why people do not like America.


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10 Better Music Artists

I think america has better music than Canada because the American singer have more talent then allot of Canadian singers. also I think American songs and singers are more original and their music is more popular and appeals more to me.

That's right. Because all the up and coming stars leave small town Canada to move to Hollywood where they dominate the music and film industry. Seriously? The US has ten times the population so should have ten times the stars. Our singers are influential just like yours. Celine? Bryan Adams? Alanis morrisette? Leonard Cohen (the guy who wrote hallelujah)?

You know, you guys are right when you say we gave you Justin Bieber (us Canucks call him Justin Beaver), but if was you AMERICANS who made the guy famous, not us! You took that idiot and made him a celebrity!

100% true, we have black sabbath

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11 More McDonald's

Mate that's a negative

This reason just goes to show how Canada is BETTER


It's a proven facts 1 in every 3 americans is fat. I've been to many states and all I see is obese people. Canada doesn't invest so much in obese people bacause it doesn't need to. America id the 2nd or 3rd fatest country in the the world and that's also a fact. All thses health documentaries are american because so many americans are fat. DEAL WITH IT. - TheCanadianLoyalist

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12 More Sexy Woman

You are so narrow-minded it is sad you can't see that not all of America is fat, as an American I respect Canada but I find that Canadians are not as nice as they say because of assumptions like yours.

If you find obese sexy.. Well, each to their own, I guess. - LemonComputer

America has a better naked girls than canada.

Yeas this is

13 Prettier Women
14 America Has More Money

Canadians are mostly broke and in huge credit card debt. Visit vancouver and you'll see what I mean.

15 More Powerful Military

Way Stronger compared to canda more nukes and better army

16 More Sex and Entertainment

As a Filipino from the Philippines, if more sex in the U.S., Canada is still better - waraypiso

17 More Oil

America buys more oil from Canada than it has itself, and they don't even buy all of Canada's oil. The only good argument on this entire list is better weather.

USA gets oil from Canada retard that made this list.

Maybe they buy oil from Canada because their so desperate for money

a lie

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18 Not Depended on UK
19 More Interesting Cities and Culture

Well regardless of your opinion about possible lack of culture in USA. When people want to visit a country and do tourism they decide to come to USA over Canada. In fact USA occupy second country in the world in foreign visitors, outperform by only France. Even more facts for you, annually Mexico is more visited by tourists than canada. So please... Don't even try to think that canada can outperform USA in culture. Just facts.

What culture?

A culture of McDonalds. Very interesting. - LemonComputer

20 More Action

Loooll if you like to get in trouble be an alcoholic a prostitute and a druggie, plus ll dat stuff is in AMERICAN movies more action, hilarious

21 More Patriotic

To me, that's pretty much a downside. - LemonComputer

22 US is Friendlier

Notice on this platform that the Canadians ones giving opinions are the meanest and most negative? I wonder why? It's because they feel inferior to US people.

Seriously... are you kidding. Tell that to all the US people who travel to Europe with a Canadian flag sown onto their backpacks.

23 US Likes The Native Marine Mammals Better

OK. Canada clubs seals to death and eats whale meat! That is so mean!

The native people have to in order to survive and make clothes suitable for the weather. How is it any better eating bacon or beef? - LemonComputer

Ahem SeaWorld... - TheCanadianLoyalist

24 More Happiness
25 We Have Logic

This one makes no sense

26 USA has no LemonComputer guy

boi bye

USA doesn't have the LemonComputer guy in it. he sucks nutz

27 USA has a better leader than Canada

Neither is good... Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau! Are you kidding?

28 Better Accents

As if. Canadians have a relaxed, carefree accent. The US? They sound like they think they're so perfect.

Americans don't even have an accent! - LemonComputer

I do not know one person who speaks with a stereotypical Canadian accent and I'm Canadian

29 More Population

Hah only 12 reasons why usa is better and 36 reasons on why Canada is better.

30 More Fun and You Never Get Bored
31 Faster Internet
32 US Has an Ego

A huuuge one - LemonComputer

33 Isn't Politically Correct
34 More Houses, Buildings, and Stores
35 More Business
36 More Work
37 More Information Technology
38 More Things To Do
39 We Have a Space Program
40 More Badasses
41 America Was the First Country to Send Someone to the Moon
42 Invaded 22 countries in the past 20 years

And this makes it better how?

43 America Has Better Kitchen Designers
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