Reasons Why the United States Is Better Than Canada

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1 Friendlier People

Canadians overreact to everything honestly, so yeah this is really true.

Yes Canadians are mostly liberal which means that they are more cult like and not as friendly I know because I live in Canada and I hate it the USA is better the reason the retarded Canadians are saying it's better is because it's more liberal so good for them but for conservatives like myself Canada is a hellish place to be in and yes the economy is worse than the United States

The biggest stereotype us Canadians have is that were super nice all the time. NOT TRUE! Lived in Canada all my life and I can tell you, compared to the United States we are flat out stingy jerks. My neighbor literally called the police on me because I was filming my dog and he thought I was filming him. Stayed at my aunts over the Summer in North Dakota and the people there are a whole lot nicer than Canadians. Once I turn 18 I'm moving straight to the United States as soon as possible.

I would like to say that it is true, Canada has two faces, the good one to make people love them and the evil one that they hide from you.

USA Can have bad thing bad Americans are true, if they do bad things they will admit not hide like Canadians.

Donald Trump was elect president of USA by American people therefore he shall be respect and accept by each country and each people from the world.

When I visit USA I was received by friendly and kind people, however when I was in Canada what I saw was COLD, RACIST, RUDE, AND FAKE PEOPLE.



2 Justin Bieber Didn't Come From The US

The Canadians don’t even want to deal with Bieber. The Canadians can kick Justin Bieber out of Canada and he can drown in the ocean.

JB may be from Canada, but, even the Canadians don’t want to deal with him.

Does it matter? No.

Who cares.
Liam Payne could've been 3rd on The X factor in 2008 if Simon Cowell hadn't put Eoghan Quigg through. Simon was like sorry Liam you have school. Well why let 14-15 year olds audition then?

3 Prettier Cities

Pollution and expansion is pretty how?

Sorry Canada. You don't have NYC.

LOL WHAT Canada has cities of the same population as the US: Toronto and Chicago are similar in population, Toronto has a lot less crime and pollution, Montreal and Philadelphia are similar in population, which has less crime and pollution? that's right, Montreal

True. Go to New York and you'll see.

4 Better Weather

Living in Canada, I actually got a heatstroke and fainted. It's not all snow and cold weather, you know...

America does have a variety of climates, but Canada isn't only cold. The temperature during the summer can go up to 40 degrees (occasionally). Still, having a better climate makes America better than Canada.

The US has all kinds of climates all over the country. Canada is just one climate: cold.

That's not true. It's only true for the north of Canada. Besides, when global warming becomes more and more severe, where would you prefer to live? In a colder country, or a country with more heat already there to begin with? - Marella

Much better weather for sure.

5 Much More World Top-Ranked Universities

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn- I could honestly go on and on.

That's literally the only reason that I agree on.

Top ranked does mean statistically better

Ha ha ha... False.

6 More Clubs

Stop hurting us canadians at we are polite

7 America has Donald Trump

God bless him and God bless the United States of America.
Keep America Great!

For all of you that likes Donald trump, jump into a pile of dog poo. He is trying to bomb Australia, my country, I want to move to Japan before this happens

This is why I prefer being Canadian

Yo Donald trump is the worst, I would rather Justin Trudeau and

8 Lower Cost of Living

Actually, it's right. The taxes are much higher in Canada than they are in America.

The only reason Canada has higher taxes is because Canada has FREE HEALTH CARE.

Not everyone in the US can afford their country's health care simply because it's NOT FREE. - Marella

Its not just the free health care, we have have a lower value dollar.

Your darn right, Americans have it way easier

9 Prettier Women

Go to any socal coastline, and try and say, USA doesn't have the most beautiful women per capita in the world

Love them all.

Fat and stupid.

Canadians like Amaimon is exactly why America is better.

10 USA is Free

So is Canada you jackasses.

Canada isn't free compared to the states at all. Canada has super strict gun laws, Trudeau passed a bill that effectively destroyed free speech, Ontario has so many rules and laws its insane (like no Right hand drive cars? ) the list goes on. America is actually free, and I'm Canadian. Canada is a joke these days..

And this reason is why people do not like America.

USA is an independent country, american does not need to bow down to a monarchy, they can put, and they can take their leader whenever they want.

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11 Better Music Artists

I think america has better music than Canada because the American singer have more talent then allot of Canadian singers. also I think American songs and singers are more original and their music is more popular and appeals more to me.

That's right. Because all the up and coming stars leave small town Canada to move to Hollywood where they dominate the music and film industry. Seriously? The US has ten times the population so should have ten times the stars. Our singers are influential just like yours. Celine? Bryan Adams? Alanis morrisette? Leonard Cohen (the guy who wrote hallelujah)?

You know, you guys are right when you say we gave you Justin Bieber (us Canucks call him Justin Beaver), but if was you AMERICANS who made the guy famous, not us! You took that idiot and made him a celebrity!

Actually, many music artists in the US were born in Canada. Making them Canadian. For example, Shawn Mendes, Drake and Justin Bieber were all born in Canada and are still amazing Music artists.

12 More McDonald's

Mate that's a negative

This reason just goes to show how Canada is BETTER


Maybe not exactly fat, but the food supply is really good which gives people more freedom - Marella

This list is really stupid.

13 More Sexy Woman

You are so narrow-minded it is sad you can't see that not all of America is fat, as an American I respect Canada but I find that Canadians are not as nice as they say because of assumptions like yours.

If you find obese sexy.. Well, each to their own, I guess.

The most beautiful women inside and out.

America has a better naked girls than canada.

14 More Powerful Military

Just because you have the "best snipers" doesn't make the Canadian military better. America has over 1,000,000 active service members while Canada has a quite pathetic 70,000 active members. America also has companies like Lockheed Martin, Northprop Grumman, and Boeing that build the most advanced military technology in the world. America also has the 2nd highest amount of nuclear weapons. And to be fair I have never seen a single piece of media about the Canadian military, like seriously what are yall doing up there.

"better army" Canada has some of the top snipers in the world and last time I checked has the best long range snipers recorded, so ok "better army" right, sorry I felt like this was the only thing I could add to this list

Way Stronger compared to canda more nukes and better army

Our records show that our military is badass!

15 Not Depended on UK
16 America Has More Money

Canadians are mostly broke and in huge credit card debt. Visit vancouver and you'll see what I mean.


True that.

17 No Justin Trudeau

Dustin Trudope is ruining Canada.

18 More Sex and Entertainment

As a Filipino from the Philippines, if more sex in the U.S., Canada is still better

19 More Happiness
20 More Oil

America buys more oil from Canada than it has itself, and they don't even buy all of Canada's oil. The only good argument on this entire list is better weather.

USA gets oil from Canada retard that made this list.

Maybe they buy oil from Canada because their so desperate for money

a lie

21 USA has a better leader than Canada

Neither is good... Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau! Are you kidding?


22 More Patriotic

To me, that's pretty much a downside.

23 Americans Has Many Conservatives

Need more national socialists

24 More Interesting Cities and Culture

Well regardless of your opinion about possible lack of culture in USA. When people want to visit a country and do tourism they decide to come to USA over Canada. In fact USA occupy second country in the world in foreign visitors, outperform by only France. Even more facts for you, annually Mexico is more visited by tourists than canada. So please... Don't even try to think that canada can outperform USA in culture. Just facts.

What culture?

A culture of McDonalds. Very interesting.

25 Faster Internet

Shut up you

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