Top 10 Reasons Why the United States is Going Downhill


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1 Terrible President

This is a person with only the reptilian brain working.

Trump is corrupt to the bone

No this list came out under Obama’s presidency. This was meant for Obama! Trump is one of the best presidents ever! - steelers1979

5 words: I wanna move to Canada.

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2 Crooked Government

Traditional old school sneaky officials like Richard Nixon, or even the king of corruption Lyndon Johnson can't really hold a candle to modern politicians like Hillary Clinton, because of the difference in today's technology. Maybe they would have if they could have, but the plain fact is that Nixon, Johnson, Richard Daley, and all the rest put together were not as bad as Hillary Clinton.

It all Went down after JFK was killed by the Illuminati. - xNorway

tru - morgs

3 Crooked Politicians

This was meant for Obama and Clinton - steelers1979

All like trump yea - morgs

True. - xNorway

4 Rich People Get Away With Everything


Especially celebrities like Chris Brown, who can walk away after beating up women multiple times, not to mention OJ Simpson, who literally got away with murdering his wife.

yeah true - morgs

Or Hillary Clinton, who can do what would get [and has gotten] any other government employee fired, fined, and imprisoned, can get off totally free, because "she didn't intend to".

5 Crooked Senate
6 Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Border

Hello Mayflower

Will have no country

not rlly - morgs

7 Large National Debt
8 Putting Other Countries Ahead of Itself
9 People Want to Take Away Citizens' Guns

That's a good thing

No it’s our 2nd amendment it would be terrible if taken away. Other countries would be so happy to have this right to firearms! It’s stupid people want to take it away! It’s not guns fault! Guns don’t kill people people kill people! If someone sets a gun on the table it won’t kill someone. A person would need to pull the trigger and kill someone! And all those huge shootings at events and schools, it was caused by mentally ill people! Have background checks on I’ll people from buying guns! Don’t take away guns it makes no sense! - steelers1979

10 Letting in Muslim Migrants

I thought being Muslim was a religion. It's a race now?


No we are letting in terrorists and threats to our country! These are the people who start the shootings! The same people who caused 9/11! You people said you wouldn’t forget 9/11! But then your willing to let the same types of people come into our country! So it’s one of two thing. Either you completely forgot and something related to it may happen again! Which already did the The Vegas shooting a year or two back! Or either you care about them a more the Americans safety and well being! So NO JTS NOT RACIST LEARN THE FACTS YOU LIBERAL HIPPY EAGER TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT BY LETTING TERRORISTS IN. WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPEND TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY BECUAE OF THEM! THEN YOU WOULD FEEL STUPID! THERE IS A REASON WHY THE DEMOCRAT SYMBOL IS A DONKEY! YOU IDIOTS! AND YOU WANT TO JUDGE US POLITICALLY INCORRECT PEOPLE FOR STANDING UP FOR THE ANTHEM AND SHOWING RESPECT FOR HE MEN AND WOMEN THAT DIED SO YOU COULD BE LIVING SUCH A GOOD LIFE! AND FOR USING AND WANTING TO KEEP OUR RIGHTS! AND ...more - steelers1979

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11 Terrible Education System

If the US spent a little bit of the military budget on education, we would still have the best army. Dammit Eisenhower! - SoldierOfFortune

not true - morgs

12 Weak Military

Not true we have the best military - morgs

13 People are Not Being Treated Fairly

If people where being treated fairly and we as humans don't place ourselves above each other no matter what the skin tone, we can learn to live in peace and harmony. The reasons I chose to use the term humans is so that you can realize how stupid it sounds when I say, " Humans are putting themselves over other humans by trying to move up the food chain." I mean HELLO! Wake up and smell the flowers. Wether you like it or not we as humans say in the same category and move up as one. You can't go mixing humans and lions and put them in the same category. You are going to be second place in the lions stomach. Just think of that person as your brother or sister and try to be more kind. Being kind and opening the door for someone or any other small deed never killed anyone as far as I know. Try it I know that the world won't change over night, but at least we will get there faster if we try then what we stand back, do nothing and complain.

14 Cultural Marxism
15 Corrupt Police
16 Dangerous criminals released on parole
17 Monsanto Poisoning Us

Monsanto is poisoning our food, water and the ground. Monsanto has always done this so the Big Pharma can make money off of us. Cancer is not a disease, it's a business!

18 Don’t have good leadership

Kenites are taking control. USA has to standup and pass laws for what’s right instead of letting evil overcome. God is going to let it happen as long as we leave him out of the equation. There are people that laugh and say there is no God but one day they’ll know there is. USA come together and do what’s right!

19 No Health Car System for All
20 Insulting a Lot of Countries
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