Top Ten Reasons Why Uranus Is Called "Uranus"

The planet the funniest name of all. Butt (hehe) what was that planet really named after, a god or an anus.

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1 Named after the Greek god of the sky.

This should be number1!

I was just messing around when I made this list the point was to be funny but I couldn't help but put in a fact. - FrankP

Well, this is actually why it's called Uranus, so I think it should be number one.

I understand FrankP made a mistake on this list but still his other list are great.

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2 The person who named it was complimenting someone's butt while he was looking at the planet.

Yeah.. Uranus-Your anus hahaahahaa - donrodrigo

3 It is windy, like a butt.

Really Neptune is windy - FrankP

4 So people could make puns about it in the future.
5 The person who named it had problems.

You mean William Herschel?

6 Because he was drunk at the time.

Who was even drunk at that time

7 Because butts are awesome

But don't look at other people's butts. You already have your own to look at.

What is so great about the Gluteus Maximus? You, FrankP, are a disgrace to astronomy! - RockFashionista

Butts are very helpful. Without a butt you would die. But really…THIS LIST IS FUNNY! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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