Top Ten Reasons Why Users of TheTopTens Might Discontinue Their Blog Post Series

You know that feeling when you can't go on with your blog post series, or you are pissed at why the users you love don't continue their posts? Well, here are the reasons! Do you agree? If not, then add other reasons so we can relate!

The Top Ten

1 Tons of school projects

During project week where you are given 11 projects due in one week, you have ABSOLUTELY no time for making a post.

My Science teacher loves to hand out projects at the wrong time - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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2 Laziness

I agree this, actually I'm a lazy person - 05yusuf09

Sometimes I'm just too lazy to think of what to write.

I am pretty lazy, but I would do it in my spare time. - micahisthebest

3 Family affairs

Most peopl would consider this as a reason, though I still get to write my drafts during these times.

4 Homework

Homework delays your blog post series! Well, except if your homework is to make a blog post which could connect to your post. That's what I did in my "Opinionator Speaks: State Religion" post.

5 Making tons of comments instead of thinking of what to write on the blog post

When I made 550 comments in one week, I wasn't able to think of what to write on my next blog post.

I need 10 users to vote someone off and then I will upload ttt in ak episode 3 - NESSquid

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6 Mental block

If I didn't have this, I MIGHT have had made a blog post, but I can't ever think of enough to write. - Luxam

Sometimes you can't think of what else to write.

7 Thinking of more original ideas

This is why some people don't rush their series. They want it to be more original and not recycled.

8 Participating in another blog post making contest

This happened to me on the Sarcasm Contest. I had to put my post series on hold.

9 Hanging out with other friends

Sometimes you need to have a life and hang out with your friends for some time.

I might be gone for a few weeks next year because of this. - SamuiNeko

10 It gets nobody's attention

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11 Internet connection problems

When you don't have Internet connection, you can't post!

12 They realized the value of quality over quantity

Though rare, this does occasionally happen - Billyv

Well, I've thought of this ever since.

13 Technical glitches

This happened to me once.

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