Top 10 Reasons Why Using the Bathroom at Home Is Better Than Using It In School


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1 More privacy

If you drop a good deuce, there's no problem getting privacy, one whiff and they'll all be running for the hills

Man, our toilet has no lock. It's so horrible. You can't lock the door when you're in the toilet. So, I just hang my Identity Card above the door to show others that I'm inside. - Animefan12

Like kids in the 3 or 2nd grade keep playing hide and seek and boys hide in the washroom and the girls keep peeping in, I can't even go there

There was this one kid who peeked at my locker combination when I was entering it, and he sounds like the type of retard to crawl under the stalls and peek at people. - MrLoser

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2 No poop or pee on the floor

Oh my, at my school, someone did this 20 times, there was bloody poop on the floor, cockroaches, clogged toilets, even cut oranges and blueberries, I'm not lying, I'm 100% serious. And this happened 20 TIMES in the boys bathroom, in 5th grade, every boy from 4th and 5th grade had to come to the library and sit down while the principal, vice principal were standing there giving a lecture, etc. I still don't know who did it - PeeledBanana

Same thing happened for me in 2nd grade, some hooligans were throwing toilet paper at the ceiling - bjinmaro64

This is disgusting. People who put it on the floor should be suspended. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

There's pee on the floor in my school bathroom. At least we wear shoes in there.

This list is so funny I'm crying while reading it. - Popsicles

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3 It's clean at home

This will be disgusting. Be warned.
Once, I was walking in the bathroom, only to see 3 boys just rubbing poop all over the walls. I even saw them throwing the poop at each other. I went in the stall to go, and there was pee all over the toilet seat, and nobody flushed.
It's not even worth vomiting in there.
Yep, it went as expected. I held it in until I got home. - Excited

Our bathroom at home is shiny, our school is dirty and full of crap - MeaganSaysHI

I totally agree. In my school,I have to hold every time I want to pee. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

People at school always take the fastest in the world and never flush it.

I feel bad for the janitors, they should get a dam good raise by 20000 dollars an hour.

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4 The sink isn't dirty

Ever since kindergarten, people I know have gotten into trouble in the bathroom. In second grade, a few boys thought it would be really funny if they started a wet toilet paper fight. In fourth grade, a girl went to the bathroom, and didn't come back until a half hour later. Turns out she brought a book into the bathroom, and don't ask me why, but that's strictly against school rules. And in fifth grade, this one boy stood on the sink, leaning against the wall. He slipped, and pulled the fire alarm. He didn't get hurt, but he got detention. Good thing the school closed last year.

Reasons I don't use the bathroom at school:

1. Kids pee in the sinks when they're in a hurry and the stalls are taken.
2. People be rubbing poop on the walls
3. People who use the toilet never flush
4. Kids be peeping at you when you on the toilet

And there you have it folks - Jessicarabbit

Nail polish in the sink who is doing their nails at school - Ihaskitty1234

Who does that? And how would they even be careful enough and find the time to dry it? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No more weird stuff on the sinks - bjinmaro64

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5 It doesn't smell like dirty diapers

Dirty diapers would be a joy to smell compared with the fog I leave behind, feel bad for the folks who follow

Yeah, but at my home, it stinks cause the area bin is right behind it. - Animefan12

Sometimes they reek of rotten eggs - compared to that I'd take a dirty nappy smell any day. - Entranced98

It s just,just...awful

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6 The tissue at home is better

We have a bidet at home so you can rinse off the dingleberries, nothing like heading back to class with a peice of dirty TP stuck to your butt.

Agreed. The stuff in school is like sandpaper.

True because when I need to use the bathroom, in a stall was NO toilet paper no joke and I had to use ANOTHER stall.

Home toilet paper is softer and more wide than school toilet paper - bjinmaro64

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7 No need to ask to use the bathroom at home

If they won't let me go, I let a few sbd's go in their general location, suddenly they are suggesting to me that I go.

One time, I teacher wouldn't let a girl in my class go to the bathroom and she ending up going in her pants. It's funnier because she was one of the popular girls! - NicholasYellow

Not just that you also need to write what time you left and come back and write down your name - jbella9000

Mrs. Meanie can I use the bathroom?

No, sit down and read about this boring history you will never use in your life.

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8 The toilet is more comforting at home

Never actually make cheek contact with the seat at school, just kind of hover

This is how I get my exercise. I just squat over the toilet. Building my butt muscles! - NicholasYellow

I also hover over the seats. I hate public bathrooms so much.

The seat at my school is coated with dried pee

The feeling of someone else sitting on the toilet is eerie and nasty - bjinmaro64

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9 At home the toilets are flushed

Half the toilets at my college are eco ones that use this rainwater flushing system with no backup whatsoever if the rainwater supply runs out, so the problem is not just lazy people who choose not to flush. Needless to say you're guaranteed to see at least one, ahem, 'Richard the Third' left in them... - Entranced98

It's true at the school they DON'T flush the toilets.

YES, this one right here makes me mad like I know these kids have home training so why not flush the toilet.

Why don't people flush the toilet, it's not that hard! - bjinmaro64

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10 You can fart without the embarrassment at home

Who's embarrassed? I just let 'em rip wherever, whenever - I LOVE to fart, on the can is even better as it makes them even louder!

This MUST be number 1 guys!,
I fart in extreme crucial situations!
I farted when my name was called during attendance
I farted in an exam hall
Lot of my farts are loud so it is a torture to me
But still, it feels so good to fart! - Animefan12

I would do that sometimes. Sometimes quietly. Why don't you think they call it whisper..

I hate to fart in class, stupid girls judging me - bjinmaro64

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11 You don't need to hear anyone else peeing

Even better if they crank a few butt trumpets while peeing!

That's why I cover my ears when I'm in a stall.

Eh, this isn't a big deal. Better than hearing someone crapping! - DCfnaf

When the toilets are full, all you can hear is the sound of aerosol spraying, talking, peeing sounds and farts. so GROSS and ANNOYING! - Lunala

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12 You don't hear people groaning when they take a poo.

I don't wanna hear people taking a dump

I always hear this when I'm at school. - Mumbizz01

I've heard this a lot of times. It sounds like they're dying.

Yeah here it is

God. can hear people either groaning, or the sounds of them pooping...oh and this happened once:

Student 1: HA! I can hear you pooping, dude!
Student 2: Heheh, yeah, it feels great!

The idiots that make up our society... - DCfnaf

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13 No chewed up gum in the urinal

I like the selection of gum in there, and often exchange for the one I am currently chewing

I'm a girl, so I don't know what it's like in the men's bathroom.

There are straws in the urinals - PatrickStar

Someone pooped in the urinal before

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14 Poo isn't on the walls

One time I was going to the bathroom (but not to use the bathroom - just to escape the torture of math) and I found poop all over the walls. I was so disgusted and instantly told the first teacher I saw. Then I kept washing my hands for the rest of the school day.

#4th graders

15 Don't have to wash your hands

Someone always notices this, and later, in home ec class, they get grossed out when you twirl Pizza Dough

You should wash your hands no matter what! Why do people hate washing, just put you finger under water, that easy! - TheAthleticNerd

Whether you're at school or home, not washing your hands after going to the loo is beyond disgusting. Just ask yourself what's worse: squirting soap on your hands and running water over them for twenty seconds, or catching a disease and vomiting for three days straight? - Entranced98

You should wash your hands either way! - PeeledBanana

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16 No one can hear you grunt while you poo

I know! Every time I take a dump at school, I have to bite my lip just to prevent me from grunting (when there's other girls in the restroom)...

I haven't Pooped at school All year, All last year, and probably all the year before as well.

I grunt like a grizzly!

17 You get a toilet to yourself without someone banging on the door

When I use the school's toilets and the other girls bang continuously on the door asking who's in there... SO ANNOYING. Why does it matter who's using the toilet, anyway? - 13thEnigma

When I was at school there was an annoying kid who hung around in the toilets just to bang on the doors and ask who was in there taking a pee. Every. Single. Day. So annoying and embarrassing! - Entranced98

I agree. Last year, I was using the washroom as a couple of second graders were kicking the door and yelling, "WHO'S IN THERE? "

When I was about 12 years old, these scum-of-the-earth Nazi Girls stood outside my door and kicked the door and said "Who is in there"
I told them to leave but they stood around and questioned me through the door.
They even thought I was a GUY hiding because I didn't respond to them. (i'm A GIRL FOR FLIPPING GOD'S SAKE! )

good thing I moved schooolz and my new school is MUCH better. - Lunala

18 Nobody's phone number scribbled on the wall

I hate when you read the wall art and see the phone numbers for 2 or more girls you have slept with on there, thought I had more scruples

Or any weird writing on the wall... - DCfnaf

Worse still are the random baes, hashtags and swear words carved into the doors. - Entranced98

There was some graffiti on the walls but the janitors destroyed it.
It was a joke about lost unicorns and drugs. - Lunala

19 No one doing stupid voices outside your cubicle
20 No one can hear you opening your pad

I usually just go commando, and use a shove up

Yeah. I don't have my period yet, I'm 11, but this is something that I worry about.

It's like a fireworks show is going off in the bathroom. Everyone can hear it and you can't escape.

I don't hear anyone open their pads or tampons
honestly I could care less since girls all need them - Lunala

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1. More privacy
2. The sink isn't dirty
3. No poop or pee on the floor
1. More privacy
2. The sink isn't dirty
3. It's clean at home
1. You don't need to squat
2. Nothing good to read while defecating
3. No one pees in the sinks when the stalls are full

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