Top 10 Reasons Why Using the Bathroom at Home Is Better Than Using It In School


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21 No one can hear you opening your pad

I usually just go commando, and use a shove up

Yeah. I don't have my period yet, I'm 11, but this is something that I worry about.

It's like a fireworks show is going off in the bathroom. Everyone can hear it and you can't escape.

I don't hear anyone open their pads or tampons
honestly I could care less since girls all need them - Lunala

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22 There is not poop smeared on the walls

I agree, but this was mentioned like three times.

23 No one pees in the sinks when the stalls are full

Agreed, but this was said 2 times (excluding this) already. - Excited

24 You don't need to squat

I hate going to the effort of squatting but I'm not bothered to put toilet paper on the seat and any ways the pee on the seat seeps through

25 You won't find cocaine anywhere.

Ya - too bad, a little snort while riding the porcelain bus is always nice.

I think the 4th graders do drugs in the bathroom #4th graders

People do drugs in school?! Or is it the teachers?!

This addition made my day. - shawnmccaul22

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26 Kids pee in the sinks when they're in a hurry and the stalls are taken

Oh goodness... what has the world come to?!

Same at my school - Jessicarabbit

#4th graders

27 There isn't anyone talking

It's hard to do your business when you can hear ear-piercing squealing, the sound of bags being thrown at people's faces and girls talking about who is dating who. - Lunala

That happens to me it's SOOO awkward because the other girls in there are really popular AND IN MY CLASS

While your going to the bathroom and people come in talking, it makes it weird like,arnt u supposed to be going to the bathroom right now?!


28 Urinals are disgusting
29 No death threats on the walls
30 The door works

At my school there's always a door not working

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31 There's no pressure

You don't have to be afraid at home. All is god

32 No bullies

This should be a high number.
This might be a surprise, but at homes, there's no bullies able to beat you up. At school, it would be what I'd call a lose-lose with cameras. Without cameras, bullies can bully and get away with it, but with cameras, they literally watch us poop.
At home, we don't have to worry about any of that stuff. - Excited

33 No one hearing you say push

Who the heck says push at the bathroom?

Babies probably say push on the potty.

NOPE! Who the hell watched Sanjay and Craig? - DCfnaf

34 No graffiti on the walls

4th graders write to eat their poop

35 No annoying young boys screaming while you're pooping
36 No little kids will look under the stall and watch you

so true

37 The bathroom at home is much smaller

With the large size of the school washroom, you aren't able to truly appreciate the full aroma of the dung, the large washroom allows for too much dissipation of the odor.

38 There is no hemorrhoid cream

At home, we always keep a tube of Preparation H nearby, nobody carries this to school. If my sister is home I can usually convince her to come into the bathroom and help me apply some.

39 No time limit

At my school, when you go to the bathroom (I'm a female), they have a time limit. Like, they tell you, "Hurry up! " When you're at the bathroom for more than the time limit, my teacher gets mad and gives us a stupid punishment. And when we're at home, we get to do our crap whenever we what, no time limit. Woo hoo!

40 Toilets at home aren't as loud V 1 Comment
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1. More privacy
2. The sink isn't dirty
3. No poop or pee on the floor
1. More privacy
2. The sink isn't dirty
3. It's clean at home
1. You don't need to squat
2. Nothing good to read while defecating
3. No one pees in the sinks when the stalls are full

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