Reasons Why Valentine's Day is the Worst Holiday


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1 Makes people feel bad for themselves

Did you know that back then the Romans would run around naked on this day, kissing all the women they saw outdoors? Yea, it’s pretty weird

The holiday is pretty pointless - bobbythebrony

It's there to remind single people that they are single. - Pegasister12

Stupid holiday - OMFGserioisly

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2 It's in February

Whats wrong with February? - FerrariDude64

3 There is no anticipation
4 It's commercial
5 It's in the middle of winter

Not for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's beautiful Summer *sigh* - Britgirl

6 It's the most girly holiday ever

Because they are the only ones who care about it so they can tell their boyfriend to do something and then be disappointed with him

7 You get candy at Easter, Christmas, and Halloween already
8 You should show your love everyday but you don't need to do it with chocolate, and plush toys
9 Stuff is out in stores the day after Christmas
10 It's the holiday that causes the most pressure

Because if you mess up at all the only thing you’re going to be kissing is kissing your relationship goodbye

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11 You have to deal with lonely people whining about it on the internet

I bet whoever added this is a loner

HAHA oh god I'm crying

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