Top Ten Reasons Why Vegans Shouldn't Exist

Everything I said about vegans is a fact and If your a vegan your gadget should be ruined and your tounge should be cutted and your hands shouls be cut for you to keep your opinion to yourself

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1 They hate people who hate meat

No offense to RoseCandyMusic, but not all vegans are like this. I know you are upset with the bad experience you had with vegans, but you don't need to make a list like this. You make good lists, but don't try to make lists judging certain kinds of people. I had a friend who is vegan and he respected the fact that I ate some meats, it was just his style of eating, but respected anyone who ate meat. - AnimeDrawer

I don't eat meat and I don't hate people for it, actually I eat meat sometimes.

Only the PETA ones - BorisRule

They act like eating meat is a sin or murder or some crap.
*eats veal*

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2 They keep making annoying comments on youtube
3 They shove their opinion in your face
4 They want people to be like them
5 They are annoying
6 They are stupid

Vegans can kill themselves.

7 They are rude
8 They don't respect opinions
9 They want non-vegans to die
10 They can't respect a culture

Dog meat

Look at the video of insider (fertilized duck eggs) everybody said that it looks so digusting it's a culture so it's offensive I hate Americans now - RoseCandyMusic

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11 They are whiny
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