Top Ten Reasons Why Vegans Shouldn't Exist

Everything I said about vegans is a fact and If your a vegan your gadget should be ruined and your tounge should be cutted and your hands shouls be cut for you to keep your opinion to yourself

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1 They hate people who hate meat

Typo - ThatIntrovertedEmo

So you're saying with the poor spelling of this title vegans hate vegans

Only PETA and Vegan Gains - ToddHoward

Let's face it, there's chaos on both sides of every coin. I'm a meat eater (also eat veggies and fruits, don't worry) but I have no problem with people being vegetarian or vegan. As long as no one shoves anything in my face. Same for the anti vegans.

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2 They shove their opinion in your face

The grammar in the description is the stuff of legends. - Cyri

Oh, and you anti-vegans don't do this? - RoseWeasley

Lmao an old lady saw me ordering KFC once last month and she told me that she'll beat me and that vegan is better. - AlphaQ

3 They keep making annoying comments on youtube
4 They want people to be like them


5 They are stupid

And this list isn't? - RoseWeasley

''Vegans can kill themselves''
What is wrong with you just because they don't like meat that doesen't mean that they should ''kill themselves'' unlike you meat eating scum

6 They are annoying
7 They are rude
8 They don't respect opinions

Just say you like meat and KFC, watch yourself get bashed for an hour straight. - AlphaQ

Look who's talking. - RoseWeasley

9 They don't like bacon

Most people in my family can't eat bacon because it is pork and we're muslim so we can't eat bacon. I have tried it a few times but I generally don't eat it. If someone dent like bacon they don't have a mental illness, maybe it's just part pf their religion or whatever. Chill out everyone. - AlphaQ

Bacon is amazing, and whoever doesn't like bacon should be locked away in an insane asylum forever, because they are completely and totally insane. Besides, why did God lift the ban of pork? Because he realized that bacon is made of pork. Also, isn't him lifting the ban of pork/bacon meaning that he's telling us to eat bacon? Therefore, if we don't eat bacon, we are committing a sin.

Oh, so my muslim friend is "mentally ill" for not eating pork? - RoseWeasley

Anyone who hates bacon has a mental illness

10 They want non-vegans to die

Because we're all evil like that - PassiveAggressive

RoseCandyMusic, I looked everywhere, yet I can't find your logic. - RoseWeasley

The Contenders

11 They can't respect a culture

Dog meat

Look at the video of insider (fertilized duck eggs) everybody said that it looks so digusting it's a culture so it's offensive I hate Americans now - RoseCandyMusic

12 Because we shouldn't need them

Meaning that the world shouldn't be so messed up that vegans existed. If no one hurt animals in the first place, "vegan" wouldn't be a thing.

Without vegeterian and vegans like me, you murderers would not get your earth clean. Without us, you would not eat pigs' butts. Without us, you would be dead. Why not make yourself a vegan or vegeterian?

This is why I kinda regret this list, I'm planning to be vegetarian for a while - RoseCandyMusic

13 They are whiny
14 They don't know when to shut up
15 They can't take a joke
16 They are skinny
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1. They keep making annoying comments on youtube
2. They hate people who hate meat
3. They shove their opinion in your face


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