100 Follower Special: My First Year on TheTopTens

Yes, this is something unoriginal, but I still want to give my own feel about getting 100 followers. Of couse, you guys would think that I'm not a new user on TheTopTens. Well, yeah. I've been here since October 2014, but nobody really saw me go here on this site. People would say that they never saw me before July. If you're interested with my story, then I'll tell you about it. Anyway, I'm still gonna tell you. So I've found this site when I was checking out on Best Linkin Park Songs. And then, I've checked the list for Metallica, and of course, the worst songs. I can't believe that there are a lot of music lists on the site, so I just kept checking on other categories. When I wasn't contented in being a visitor, I created an account in November. I only thought of creating remixes of lists here on TheTopTens, so I had no idea with what The Great War of Hypocrisy was. I found that EvilAngel had the best remixes on the music lists on the site, so I thought, why won't I make one? After some time, I created my remixes on Best Rock Bands, Worst Songs, Best Linkin Park Songs, Best Metallica Songs and Best Lacuna Coil Songs. I think I was obscurely noticed since my remixes during the time were on the top 5 remixes of the list. However, during those times, it was pretty hard for me to judge songs and bands, so I couldn't really remix because I really wanted my remixes to be of high quality. I didn't really have time to commit myself to making remixes or lists. So I had to leave and just visit the site once in a while.

So why am I still here? Am I lost or something? I came back when I was so bored that I wanted to look up some users of TheTopTens. And I found out about the 2015 Music Madness Tournament by IronSabbathPriest. I joined, and started following some users who participated in the tournament. I also made my Rock + Metal Song Madness Tournament for the classics and my favorite songs. I was only starting to know bands and songs during that time, but the guys who were voting were pretty much appreciative. During that time, I enjoyed chatting with users, especially with UltimateHybridX and Fan_of_Good_Music. Both users don't go here much anymore, but still, they made a pretty good impact on my stay on this site.

Right after the championship round of Rock + Metal Song Madness, I've thought of making a new blog post series, and not a tournament. I've asked some people like Therandom when I didn't know him much, IronSabbathPriest, LizardKing99 and UltimateHybridX. I eventually stumbled upon an episode on Puga Rants, which was ranting about Meghan Trainor. Right after that, I thought of creating this post series called VelitelCabal Rages, which has a different writing style from Puga Rants and the other rant blog post series. I couldn't believe that I actually made one rant per day every day in my first 10 episodes, and people reading it actually loved the series. Yeah, I know that some people don't like it, but it's their opinion. Somebody will always criticize me, no matter what.

I've made a fair number of blog posts on this site, but I don't think that would count as 25% of my opinions. I think I have to make more, but I might not be able to have time at this moment. It's been a year since I've been here, and it's been five months since I've become active and joined the community, and now I've got 100 followers! Well, 108, to be exact. Thanks to all of you who followed and supported me here! I would also like to share some special thanks to certain users:

RiverClanRocks - Yes, she's my favorite user here. She has been one of the users who have been very close to me, and she has been very supportive of my content, and has remained loyal and kind to me despite all these controversies I have faced and gone through on this site. She also makes funny conversations and has never made a dull moment in chat. Thanks for all the fun and support!

EvilAngel - He has been one of the greatest users when it comes to high-quality content in remixes. He also has great lists which have inspired me to make an account on TheTopTens to share my opinion. He has also been supporting my blog post series and thanks for all the positivity and motivation!

CastlevaniaFanboy128 - He had been a great blogger, and he started becoming active on this site on the same month as I did. We may have had some small conflicts and little disagreements when we chat, but he had been a fun person to chat with. He also has great content, and well, thanks for the inspirations and all these fun conversations!

SamuiNeko - She may have had a bad start for feeding trolls, but now she has been one of the best listmakers because of her creative and original ones. She also brings up interesting conversations, and has also been supportive of many people's content, and blog post series, including mine. Thanks for all the great support!

PositronWildhawk and Britgirl - They have been the most popular users of this site, and that's because of the quality of their lists and the awesome opinions they have shared, but they always encouraged newer users to do good on this site. Thanks for all that!

IronSabbathPriest and 05yusuf09 - They're the two users that I have first met, and they have been awesome people fo chat with! They also have great lists to check out, and have been my morivations to create my first blog posts on the site! And that's the Music Madness, which was, unoriginal, but was a pretty good start.

UltimateHybridX and Fan_of_Good_Music - Yes, these two may have retired from TheTopTens, but during the times when they were still here, they gave one of the biggest impacts in my starting point in blogging. Without them, I wouldn't have much inspiration for my music blogs. They have also been awesome guys to chat with!

SirSkeletorThe3rd - I have only met him recently, but he's got great posts and lists, too! He has the best humor in the site (well, for me), and he has brought the funniest conversations with me. He has also been a great fan and a supportive one for my content.

Puga, Therandom, Gemcloben and SuperHyperdude - Yes, I'm talking about the critics. They have been critical towards my work and content on this site, which I have seen through their feedback towards my posts and also on how they make posts about the "new users" where I feel like they have been aimed towards me. I thank them for that, and their feedback have helped me improve on being a better user on the site. I don't hate them, and in fact, I actually like them for being pretty fair in pointing out flaws. I acknowledge that I still have many flaws as a user, but I will do my best to change not for me to please everyone, but for my own good. Anyways, thank you guys for all the meaningful criticism which I have misunderstood in the past!

To all those TopTenners I weren't able to mention, I would also like to thank you for all the support that you gave me! I am still gonna meet other users and other new and awesome users here, and I would like to meet you all! And lastly, thanks for following me!


Congrats Jared, you are one of the best newcomers ^_^ - 05yusuf09

To me, pure a newcomer. - Therandom

Anyway, congrats. - Therandom

Aww! Thanks! You too! - RiverClanRocks

Congratulations! 8D - SamuiNeko

Congrats - bobbythebrony

I never knew you had this account since 2014, anyways it is nice that we have you on the Top Tens. We think you contribute a lot to this site. Love your blogs and lists m9. Anyways, congratulations, you deserve it - SirSkeletorThe3rd

People only knew me since June, but I already had this account back in 2014. I made my very first remixes before January. Anyways, thanks! - visitor

Congrats. - visitor

Congratulations on getting 100 followers. - Delgia2k

Congrats. I think you'll go even further on this site. - IronSabbathPriest

You admit you made it this year though...(to me) - Therandom

I already made remixes back in November, but I just joined the community aka TTT family in June. - visitor

You deserve 500 followers! - TwilightKitsune