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1 They get too protective of their copyright

Nearly almost every nickelodeon show has been removed from youtube. Literally someone uploaded the final battle of avatar and then just a few days later they removed it. I hate Viacom.

We can't get full episodes of broadcasts from 2006. This is why I don't send tapes to YouTube.

I agree. Like I said before, I'm going on Nico Nico Douga instead of wasting time on a website plagued with copyright idiots! - MarioMikuFan380

You would not believe the amount of SpongeBob related videos they’ve deleted. - AliciaMae

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2 They only care about money

A perfect example of everyone else in the 2010s.

Viacom loves to steal everyone's money until they are too used to poverty.

3 They are responsible for the downfall of Nickelodeon

They made Nickelodeon as unlikable or even worse than Disney Channel, thanks to extra anti-feminism, abuse towards teenage girls, over-reliance on bathroom humor and such a young demographic.

Remember the days of the classic Nicktoons?

If it weren't for viacom shows like Sanjay and Craig wouldn't have any butt jokes or farts in it.

4 They deleted Mr Enter's Account

Mr. Enter was my hero, and a good role model! Curse you Viacom!

MrEnter is overrated.

5 The V Of Doom

The great American nightmare, since 1976.

I have seen this when I was 11 on YouTube years ago. I had nightmares for days. Don't watch this logo! IT WILL GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES FOR DAYS!

The Viacom V of Doom has to be one of the scariest logos ever.

I often get nightmares from this.

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6 They made MTV into a Reality Network

Should've left them at Warner-Amex, huh?

Ugh! One of the main causes of this society dumbing down... :( sad... - MarioMikuFan380

7 They televised the Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction

And sent T.V. networks into fits of decency rage.

8 They don't have charities
9 They have inferior morals

They teach people to love racism. - The Ultimate Daredevil

10 They sucker in people to buy their crappy product.

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11 They delete Good videos and we are stuck with bad videos
12 They kept making scary logos back in the 70s and 80s

In the 1980s there was the V of Doom after shows that aired in the 1950s.

V Of Doom Is An Example

13 They split from CBS
14 They delete Spingebill YouTube poops

It was already obvious this is somewhat destined to be on this list, this is something a lot of people are mad at Viacom for.

Yeah! I agree! Viacom Rapes All our creativity for Stupid reasons! - WilsonAsmara

15 They are responsible for Chris Savino getting fired from "The Loud House" crew
16 They let Chris Savino get his own show on Nickelodeon
17 They block The Loud House videos
18 All of Paramount's TV Shows from the past are owned by CBS.
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1. They only care about money
2. They get too protective of their copyright
3. They deleted Mr Enter's Account
1. They made MTV into a Reality Network
2. They sucker in people to buy their crappy product.
3. They are responsible for the downfall of Nickelodeon


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