Top 10 Reasons Why Wander Over Yonder is Better Than Gravity Falls


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1 Gravity Falls is overrated.

Don't get me wrong. I like both shows. It's just that I find WOY better. - TheReviewer20

2 Wander's voice is better than Dipper's.

Why have a pre-puberty voice when you can have pure gold as a voice? Plus, Wander can sing. - TheReviewer20

3 Sylvia can beat most of the characters in Gravity Falls.
4 Wander Over Yonder isn't lazy.

We had the writing finished for our 3rd season. What did Gravity Falls do? - TheReviewer20

5 Wander Over Yonder has a catchier theme song.

I bet you that the WOY theme song stays in your head longer than the girlfriend one. - TheReviewer20

6 Wander is nice.

"Never hurts to help! " -Wander - TheReviewer20

7 Lord Dominator is a way better villain than Bill Cipher.

Dominator is H-O-T! Other than that, she is way cooler. When it comes down to it, Bill's goal is to make a planet weird while Dominator can destroy planets. - TheReviewer20

8 It was made by Craig Mcckracen.
9 Wander is adorable.
10 Gravity Falls' fan base is way too rabid.
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