Top 10 Reasons Why War Pigs by Black Sabbath Didn't Create Power Metal

I've read many cringe worthy statements about how Black Sabbath created metal and also each and every metal subgenre - from power metal to technical death metal. I've read such statements on this site and other sites (including YouTube).

Saying that War Pigs created Power Metal clearly shows that the author never listened to Power Metal (or never listened War Pigs but this is less possible because Black Sabbath's die hard fans know their songs).

Here are my reasons why "War Pigs created Power Metal" is an annoying exaggeration (one of the many).

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1 Power Metal is the metal subgenre with the most uplifting sound. Does War Pigs sound uplifting?

Oh Love this list because War Pigs totally sounds like Helloween and Blind Guardian (Sarcasm) seriously though War Pigs is one of the most overrated metal songs ever - christangrant

Everything in this list is correct, but has anyone ever called it power metal? I've never heard it be called so. - IronSabbathPriest

War Pigs sucks. - somekindofaguy

People Actually Think War Pigs Is Power Metal. Wow. - Du

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2 Power Metal is known for its strong, melodic and (often) happy sounding choruses. War Pigs has no chorus.

There's a very good youtube video - you will learn almost everything you need to know about power metal:
How To Be POWER METAL! by SteveTerreberry.
Steve Terreberry demonstrates power metal features correctly (the video is also fun to watch).
Oh, and nothing sounds like War Pigs. - Metal_Treasure

3 Ozzy sings this 8 minute long song within a single octave. Power Metal singers never do this.

Those vocals on War Pigs are actually killing me. - somekindofaguy

Yup the song is very easy to sing - christangrant

4 Power Metal is fast, War Pigs is slow

I don't count ballads by power metal bands - all types of ballads are slower. - Metal_Treasure

I can somehow agree that War Pig is a metal song. But power metal?! - zxm

5 Power Metal songs are usually with operatic vocals, often high pitched. War Pigs vocals aren't.

Ozzy doesn't even compare to Power Metal Vocalists especially his performance in War Pigs which he only uses 1 Octave which makes the song very easy to sing heck I could sing it right now if I wanted to and I'm a terrible singer - christangrant

6 War Pigs doesn't sound like any Power Metal song I know

Exactly Sounds nothing like Power Metal because it isn't - christangrant

7 Power Metal is focused on the vocalist. War Pigs isn't.

War Pigs actually focused on to be the most monotonous long heavy track ever... - somekindofaguy

Again, if you still don't understand this aspect of power metal, you should watch the mentioned youtube video:
How To Be POWER METAL! by SteveTerreberry.
(he even says power metal singers are the most talented metal singers and I agree) - Metal_Treasure

8 Power Metal riffs are fast. War Pigs riffs aren't.

See this video "40 Power Metal Bands In 1 Song". Power metal riffs don't stick to few chords. - zxm

9 Power Metal has fast, classically inspired solos. War Pigs solos are far from that.

Even when a power metal song isn't extremely fast, the solo is. - Metal_Treasure

10 Before I forget: War Pigs isn't a metal song.

@Rambles if BS created HEAVY metal, then why Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Venom, Accept, Yngwie Malmsteen, Megadeth etc etc... NEVER tried to play like them? All of these acts tried to play more like Deep Purple than Black Sabbath even members form these bands admitted it just saying. And no, this song has nothing to do with metal. - somekindofaguy

It's neither power metal nor any other metal. - Metal_Treasure

An arbitrary statement long after the fact. Anyone who was there and listening at the time knew that a brand-new genre had been born.

@Rambles - classic metal songs are The Trooper, HBTN/Iron Maiden and Painkiller/Judas Priest, and they don't sound like War Pigs. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Power Metal drumming is fast. War Pigs isn't.

I'm sorry, I don't know how many of you are musicians, let alone drummers. But as a drummer myself I can say there are some fast fills in this song. - IronSabbathPriest

IronSabbathPriest - umm, fills are very brief passages and even their total length can't make the song power metal. You are talking about seconds out of 8 minutes... - Metal_Treasure

@M_T, I'm not saying it's power metal. But even still if you listen to the final two minutes or so of this song there is actually a complex/fast tempos element involved.

This goes generally, but honestly I think we should focus less on what subgenre something is and just enjoy the music. If someone is saying something like Pink Floyd are thrash metal, or any other ridiculous genre comparison, then the chances are they're trolling. The smaller cases, such as this, don't matter in my opinion. How do I know it's a small case? Because I've never heard it said before. (Not to say it hasn't been said, but my point is you don't see it often) Sorry to go on a mini rant. - IronSabbathPriest

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1. Power Metal is the metal subgenre with the most uplifting sound. Does War Pigs sound uplifting?
2. Power Metal is known for its strong, melodic and (often) happy sounding choruses. War Pigs has no chorus.
3. Ozzy sings this 8 minute long song within a single octave. Power Metal singers never do this.



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