Top Ten Reasons Why Warrior Cats: Into the Wild is the Best Warrior Cats Series

From all Warrior Cats series, I think Into the Wild is the best one. Here are the reasons why.

The Top Ten

1 Everyone at least tried to obey the Warrior Code

Exactly. Now there's just millions of forbidden couples. Also, the title should be Why Into The Wild Is The Best Warrior Cats Book. - RiverClanRocks

I don't know what is my favorite book I mean Into the Wild is the most exciting book for me but I prefer FireStars Quest - leafstar

Yes after series 2 or 1 THEY JUST SAID "WELP THEY'RE FORGIVEN."

2 There are barely any annoying characters

Firestar got straight-up annoying after the first series. Into the Wild is probably the most solid collection. - keycha1n

Spottedleaf and Silverstream. I hate them almost as much as I hate Serena. - RiverClanRocks

Gosh, the characters get so annoying. There aren't really any in TPB - Talljake

3 It has a great plot

While the others are lame and very repetitive - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

4 There are barely any dumb names

Not true! What about runningnose? He is the medicine cat, and he can't cure his own cold!

There are lots. Lots. Most go straight to Leafstar. Example. Harveymoon. Snookthorn. Rileypool. Bellaleaf? But that's only the start of SkyClan. In WindClan, there is a cat named Hareflight. I don't think I've seen a flying rabbit. There is also Mousewing... from ShadowClan in Tallstar's Revenge and Yellowfang's Secret. There is also Sheeptail of WindClan which is not a good name for an ancient. There's also Slightfoot of WindClan, Mumblefoot, and Stumpytail of ShadowClan... Yep... Great names... I mean, all the character's names sorta make sense from the first series. Tigerclaw. A tiger's claw. Graystripe. A gray stripe. Longtail. A long tail. Bluefur. Blue fur. Mousefur. A mouse's fur. Fireheart doesn't really make sense but names like that have a story behind it.

5 The main character has a great perosnality

Fireheart has a great personality (until he becomes leader) while other main characters like the main character of Omen of the Stars, Dovewing, is the worst, dumbest, most annoying, most boring, most bland book character (not only Warrior Cats character) that ever existed - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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6 Things start to not make sense at all after Into the Wild

Basically. - RiverClanRocks

7 There are barely any forbidden couples

In Into the Wild, there's only GreyXSilver, while in other series after The New Prophecy, there's LeafXCrow, DoveXTiger etc. You know how much I hate forbidden couples that are trying way too hard to be dramatic - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

8 There are barely any Mary-Sues/Stus

In Into the Wild, Firestar, Spottedleaf, and Silverstream are the only mary-sues/stus. After Into the Wild, we have more mary-sues/stus like Feathertail, Dovewing Lionblaze etc and Firestar has become more gary-stu-ish - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

9 Many good characters are killed after Into the Wild

Like Hollyleaf and Honeyfern. What's the point of killing them? To make more drama and annoying characters? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

10 The plot isn't scattered. It's like one big book

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11 The battles are cooler

Most battles in the series after Into the Wild are unnecessary - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

12 It gives good memories
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