Top 10 Reasons Why Watch Mojo Is Better Than TheTopTens

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1 They don't make bad lists

They do have lists about hated celebrities but they're more objective

They have less bad lists than thetoptens that is for sure

They have a few bad list though.

They actually have a few bad lists. They put Gravity Falls as one of the worst Disney cartoons! Come on! - Turkeyasylum

2 TheTopTens users are running out of good ideas

They haven't ran out of ideas, but they use to back in 2015 and late 2014., when the created these atrocious list why this user is better than this celebrity and ways to Kill this celebrity.

What do you expect nearly every great idea has been done to death. - egnomac

Watch mojo are running out of ideas

As are Watchmojo. Top Ten Booty Songs? - Puga

3 They don't create lists about killing a celebrity

This item is true look at list like ways to dump Nicki Minaj you'll have a clue.

True, they're not sick in the head like these people who create these types of list for jokes.

4 They don't just do top ten lists

Neither do we. What about blog posts? - Puga

Blog posts are a big part of TTT. - Turkeyasylum

I am actually another blog poster, but I still make lists. But I haven't seen WatchMojo allow such things TTT has. - Turkeyasylum

5 They're more educational
6 Their lists aren't repetitive

They've literally made repetitive lists too many to name. - egnomac

7 They don't create lists about which music genre is superior

This item is true, you have metal heads talking down upon pop fans. Then they want to claim that pop fans are cyber bullying them but then look at list like reasons that pop is awful.

No music genre is superior to one or another. All music is good.

Well, you don't see many pop lists. - IronSabbathPriest

8 They're more mature

More mature than most popular users.

9 They have a bigger community
10 TheTopTens relies on opinions too much

Yes that is true; many criticize WatchMojo for lazy research, but at least they have actually done their research unlike this website.

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11 They're original
12 Their lists aren't offensive
13 They don't rant about other users

This is true. TheTopTens wasn't like that but now a few so-called "most popular" users have annoying fanboys (or just socks? )

It's coming to my conclusion that the old users are much better than the new users.

I agree with you visitor. Maybe we wouldn't have this policy if users would stop making rants about each other. And stop starting fights and leave users like Kiana Lexi alone. *cough JaysTopTenList cough* leave Kiana Lexi alone, she is innocent. She has a right to her opinion, so get off her back. You yourself have nothing to do with your own life. I proudly support the admin's policy. Keep up the good work admin. :)

This item is pretty much true because you have some users ranting about other users which starts arguments and then they want to get mad when the admin puts up a new policy. It's not the admin's fault that you all have a new policy, it your fault because you want to create rants about other users and get arguments started.

14 They're well known
15 They're not a bunch of preteens

I can agree TTT has lots of people ages 10-12, but we aren't full of them. That, and what's so bad about preteens? - Turkeyasylum

16 Watch Mojo isn't mean to any fanbases
17 They're are not wannabe 90s kids
18 They don't talk trash about other countries
19 They don't bring up excuses
20 They are less biased
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