Reasons Why Water Bottle Flipping is Stupid

It's one of the worst things ever. If you enjoy doing this, good for you.But this is all my silly opinion. In my school, all I hear is water sloshing, spilling, and bottles hitting the desks. So, without further ado, here we go!

Plus, if you water-bottle flipping fans come here to insult me and my list, read this and get out.

*Also, special thanks to 906389 for helping :)

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1 It's Pointless

It really is. The only point is to be a loser, but that's a very bad point.

This generation is weird - P-Bro-N-J

I never got it either. Why are you flipping a bottle?

It is pointless how is that fun!?

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2 It's Wasting Water

I just use a water bottle that I already drank from. - Firemist

Yes it's a waste

One time, someone was doing it with their milk (open) at lunch and they spilled everywhere!

You take a water-bottle and dump out 3/4 of the water...just the perfect amount of water to do that pointless flip. Is that really necessary? Perfectly fine water, that poor people could drink, being wasted away. - Catacorn

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3 It's Overrated

While I agree that it's overrated, it isn't a reason to hate someone. - Swellow

4 It's a Waste of Time

Made us but it's fun

Teacher made us do opinion writings about this,its boring ☹️

5 It Got Banned From Multiple Schools

My teacher banned it but kids still do it in class. Someone chucked a bottle at me and begged me to flip it. I flipped it, and it landed perfectly (easy first time) AND HE WAS ACTING LIKE I WAS GOD!

Even my own school banned it. - Catacorn

The principal banned it - jameshoward

This should make you happy? There's no pleasing some of you angsty preteens. - Puga

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6 It'll Get Forgotten Soon

Its basically dead in 2018 - P-Bro-N-J

Too forgetful. - AlphaQ

It’s 2018 now who remembers 2016-2017 when this was a thing

7 It's Just Another Pointless Vine

Like the mannequin challenge, the Andy's coming challenge, and dozens of others. It has no point. - Catacorn

8 The Noise

I keep flinching every time I hear some kid bang the water bottle against the table at school.

All I hear at school is sloshing, spills, thuds, thwacks, and yelling. - Catacorn

Lunch at my school:

Me: "so, ho-
Bottle: ka-thunk ka-thunk BAM! - Scr3aM

What noise ashayshxhba - Puga

9 It's Repetitive

True. It's like whipping and dabbing. Eventually the people who did it will be hippocritical if they see someone else do it when people aren't really doing it anymore and they are like " Stop. It's a dead meme." - P-Bro-N-J


Fail... fail... GOT IT "OOHHH! " repeated - EliHbk

10 It's Distracting

We were playing pin dodge in gym class, and this kid said, "This is the new trend! " and started flipping a stupid bowling pin. I wasn't paying attention, and then someone knocked down my pin.

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11 People Make It Sound Really Important When It's Not

All day, everyday, they flip their waterbottles. - Catacorn

12 It’s simple minded

I agree - P-Bro-N-J

13 Spills water

Kids just pour the water out carelessly and then they start flipping and I hear "slosh thunk ""yeaaah"

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