Ten Reasons Why WCW Backstage Assault is Not the Worst Wrestling Game Ever Made

While many claim that WCW Backstage Assault was the worst wrestling game ever made, it's not as bad as they say it is. While it isn't the best wrestling game out there, it's still worth playing. (Though I'd suggest doing so with an emulator)

The Top Ten

1 It Can Be Fun to Play

Despite what many people say, Backstage Assault can be a fun game to play. The backstage areas are each fun to fight in.r

2 The Commentary is Great

Simply put, Backstage Assault had the best commentary for a wrestling game until the SvR games (and even some of those don't compare). The commentary wasn't repetitive and was lively at times.

3 Create a Wrestler is Very Expansive

While in Mayhem the create a wrestler was almost completely useless, in Backstage Assault there were tons of options allowing you to create your own moveset and change each part of the wrestlers body. While it wasn't as good as some games at the time, it was a decent CAW mode.

4 The Roster is Large

Although most of the roster had to be unlocked, it was quite large for the time. It featured pretty much everyone worth anything in WCW (and Doug Dillenger).

5 The AI Isn't As Cheap As It is In Mayhem

While in Mayhem, Top Rope maneuvers were rendered useless because the AI would simply walk out of your range and stand there, in Backstage Assault, the AI doesn't resort to these tactics as often.

6 It Had (At the Time) the Most Backstage Interaction for a Wrestling Game

You could climb on vending machines, set people on fire, pu people through tables, and even hit people with urnels. There was just so much you could do in Backstage Assault.

7 Not Many (If Any) Glitches

While Smackdown 2 featured various glitches including floating in mid-air, this kind of stuff was just not present in Backstage Assault, glitchwise, it's a pretty clean game.

8 There's Blood

Backstage Assault featured blood that wasn't ridiculous looking like the Acclaim games and actually looked realistic for the time. It was the only PlayStation Wrestling Game to have this kind of blood at all.

9 Audio is Pretty Solid

Overall, Backstage Assault sounds amazing for the time. For a 2000 game, the voiceovers were perfect (and were certainly better than what we got in Smackdown Just Bring It).

10 There Are Worse Wrestling Games Out There

WWF Warzone and Attitude for the Gamebpy Color with their awful rolling mechanics. WWE Aftershock with a horrendous framerate, and don't even get me started on WCW Nitro and Thunder. They are all far worse games than Backstage Assault ever was.

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