Top Ten Reasons Why We Bare Bears Is Better Than Sanjay & Craig

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1 Great Plots

As much as I despise We Bare Bears, it's 100% better than that catastrophe known as Sanjay & Craig - Gehenna

The plot is simple in WWB but S&C was just bizzare than I expected.

2 Better Characters

I love ice bear - blst0033

ICEPANDAGRIZ4LIFE (no, I don't ship them, that's disgusting) - PeeledBanana


3 People Like We Bare Bears

One of the biggest differences of all.

4 No Gross Out Jokes

We Bare Bears never had a gross out joke, so feel free to watch this awesome show while eating.

I actually like we Bare bears. I didn't think it was gonna be that good when I first saw the commercial for it. But when I watched just one episode, it became one of my favorite CN shows. So give We bare bears a chance, you might like it. - nintendofan126

"Ice Bear wants to know why that happens in gumball" - RyanMtheGamer

5 More Creative
6 Better Animation
7 We Bare Bears Makes More Sense
8 No Weird Episode Titles
9 Sanjay and Craig Is Very Inappropriate

We Bare Bears contains romance, but at least that’s more appropriate than Sanjay getting pregnant with a fart - IceBearRules

10 They Don't Say the Word "Fart"

The Contenders

11 We Bare Bears Has Better Butt Humor

IVery Bear is tired of looking at this guy’s butt

I have not seen any butt humor in this show but if there is any, I would probably find it funny

12 We Bare Bears Is Actually Funny

Sanjay and Craig is kind of funnier. I don't know why.

13 We Bare Bears Is About Three Bear Friends That Live In a City, But Sanjay and Craig Is Just About a Kid and a Snake Messing Around

The bear stack should come to Houston

14 We Bare Bears Doesn't Have Any Fart or Toilet Jokes

There was one episode, (actually it was a short), and it was called Potty Time. That episode did have a toilet joke, but it was pretty funny.

15 A Bear Is Better Than a Snake
16 We Bare Bears Makes You Hungry While Sanjay and Craig Makes You Want To Throw Up
17 We Bare is a Cute Show But Sanjay and Craig It is an Ugly Show

It is really true because Sanjay and Craig is a trashy show

18 Sanjay and Craig Sucks

Well, we know that.

19 The show doesn't revolve around Farts or Burps

I swear, Every in episode of Sanjay and Craig you hear either a Burp Or Fart come from a charcter.

20 Sanjay and Craig characters cannot survive in the wild but We bare bears characters can
21 We Bare Bears Is Cute And Sanjay And Craig Is Ugly.

Just type cute we bare bears on the internet, go to images and you'll find dozens of cute images of we bare bears.

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