Top 10 Reasons Why We Bare Bears Is Better Than Teen Titans Go

I'm watching We Bare Bears right now and it's my first time, Don't judge me!

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Better Theme Song

The theme song is so peaceful. It's like listening to the baby loony tunes theme song. Sweet, and can't help but sing along

I just looked up We Bare Bears on Wikipedia and it sounds interesting. I might watch it once it gets on Netflix. - RiverClanRocks

Can't agree more

We'll be there sung by beautiful Garnet vs stupid dubstep music that took no effort to put in.

Better Looking Characters

The bears look sweet and they are nice

Nicer/Relatable/Smarter Characters

#Ice bear 4 president

Robin is a very bossy leader who only cares about himself.
Raven is a stupid goth that plays with ponies. Is she a superhero or what?
Beast Boy is a disgusting jerk that ruins everything for the Titans. He flipping lives in rubbish!
Cyborg is the only likable Titan, but he screams all the time like if he saw a ghost.
Starfire is a disgusting idiot. She bathes Silkie... by licking him!

Grizz can be a jerk sometimes, but he always looks after his brothers
Panda can also be a dingle, but he is cute and lovely on the inside.
Ice Bear is literally the best bear. He’s pretty cool as well. He is very useful and cooks good for his brothers.
Chloe is very likeable. Her IQ is greater than all of the Titan’s IQ combined. I still don’t get why she is still in college though... - IceBearRules

Teen Titans go charathers are so idiotic in so many ways. You could combine All the Titanss IQs all together it would still be lower than Chloe's IQ

It Doesn't Rip-Off Anything

It's not rip offs,it's parodies - RyanMtheGamer

I wouldn't say TTG rips-off everything, but We Bare Bares certainly does not at all. #WBBdabest #WBBHaterzstank #lulz #OtherMean/StupidHastag #SupportWBB - ChromaPlayer

I will think of ONE think associated with We Bare Bears…
Well wouldya look at that! There isn't anything!

TTN… oh, maybe, TEEN TITANS.

It Has a Colorful Plot
It Has Better Humor

We Bare Bears doesn't use violence and farts as the base of all their jokes. They use clever jokes.

One time he said "He's blowing a 3-1 lead"

Good Animation

Teen titans go: the animation is HORRIBLE

We bare bears: nice animation.

The person who just said teen titans go is better is stupid

At Least teen titans go characters have 5 finger but We bare bears is better

Nah, TTG at least have several episodes that show different style and they're WAY cooler and creative than WBB. Examples: Night begins to shine, the moments where starfire enters the game world, the opening song for island adventures, whimsical titans, Riding the dragon and etc.

Besides, TTG fight scenes are way more intense than WBB. Examples: The fight between rose wilson and raven, girls night when jinx,starfire and rae crash a building and ride it, lady legasus, night begins to shine and etc.

But of course, crashing a building isn't a good thing but at least they have some amazing shot view and faster pace of action instead of bland, slow, too many shot-reverse-shot and choppy action like in WBB.

That's why kids love TTG more than WBB

It's Family-Friendly

My mom loves this show. We watched one episode together and she was cracking up at everything.

Less Cringeworthy Episodes

Probably there's only 1 cringeworthy episode in WBB which is episode 8 because the middle/end part and pretty much all of TTGS episodes will make you want to eliminate the pupils on your eyes and drink bleach and roast the teen titans on YouTube

Robin is a Ripoff of Grizzly

The original show preceded We Bare Bears! The REBOOT preceded We Bare Bears! But I agree! We bare Bears is MILES better than Teen Titans Go!

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Robin Always Gets Triggered by His Teammates
Grizzly Bear, Ice Bear, and Panda Are Better Main Characters That Robin

I would agree,in fact Robin was supposed to be a bad character because of sick humor, unlike the characters from we bare bears they are just so loveable in so many ways.

I would agree, in fact Robin was supposed to be bad because of sick humor. Unlike the bears they are just so likeable inso many ways.

Ugh, please, just STOP making those lists about Teen Titans Go is worser than blah blah blah, your making me offended and bored, just stop.

Ice Bear is a Better Cook Than Cyborg

Ice bear is the best chef ever

Oh Yeah Definitely, Especially with those Delicious Calzones

We Bare Bears Has Better Butt Humor

I think it knows how to use butt humor correctly.

It has buttocks humor? - ChromaPlayer

First of all there is no butt humor second of all all butt humor sucks

Grizzly Doesn't Manipulate Everyone Else
Teen Titans Go! Has More Annoying Episodes


Teen Titans Go is Not for Children

The charathers in TTG rob banks, dislike jokes, say 'waffles' over 1500 times in a 22 minute span, insult its own audience, and many more morally wrong things. Meanwhile, We Bare Bears is a potential multi time Emmy winner and is totally clean for kids.

So what would you pick?

The Bears Could Beat Up the Titans in an Epic Fight

It would be a super smash bros style!

We Bare Bears is Better Because They Teach Us Life Lessons and How to Be Nice
More Interesting
It's Funnier
Beast Boy is a Ripoff of Panda

Panda is a vegetarian and so is Beast boy
Panda fails horribly to get a girl so does BB
Both characters also have multiple crushes

We Bare Bears Actually Came Out in 2009 as a Comic
WBB Has Better Morals

Why would someone live life to the shortest

WBB Has a Better Supporting Cast
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