Top 10 Reasons Why We Bare Bears Is Better Than Teen Titans Go

I'm watching We Bare Bears right now and it's my first time, Don't judge me!

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1 Better Theme Song

The theme song is so peaceful. It's like listening to the baby loony tunes theme song. Sweet, and can't help but sing along

I just looked up We Bare Bears on Wikipedia and it sounds interesting. I might watch it once it gets on Netflix. - RiverClanRocks

We'll be there sung by beautiful Garnet vs stupid dubstep music that took no effort to put in.

The theme song is really peaceful, and Garnet's voice actor from SU sings in it! - Catacorn

2 Better Looking Characters

The bears look sweet and they are nice

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3 Nicer/Relatable/Smarter Characters

#Ice bear 4 president

Teen Titans go charathers are so idiotic in so many ways. You could combine All the Titanss IQs all together it would still be lower than Chloe's IQ

4 It Doesn't Rip-Off Anything

It's not rip offs,it's parodies - RyanMtheGamer

I wouldn't say TTG rips-off everything, but We Bare Bares certainly does not at all. #WBBdabest #WBBHaterzstank #lulz #OtherMean/StupidHastag #SupportWBB - ChromaPlayer

I will think of ONE think associated with We Bare Bears…
Well wouldya look at that! There isn't anything!

TTN… oh, maybe, TEEN TITANS.

I will think of ONE think associated with We Bare Bears…
Well wouldya look at that! There isn't anything!

TTN… oh, maybe, TEEN TITANS.

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5 It Has Better Humor

We Bare Bears doesn't use violence and farts as the base of all their jokes. They use clever jokes.

One time he said "He's blowing a 3-1 lead"

I'm watching it right now and Griz just put spit in Chloe's hair to make it stick up lol! - TeenTitansGoSucks

6 It Has a Colorful Plot
7 It's Family-Friendly

My mom loves this show. We watched one episode together and she was cracking up at everything.

8 Robin Always Gets Triggered by His Teammates
9 Less Cringeworthy Episodes

Probably there's only 1 cringeworthy episode in WBB which is episode 8 because the middle/end part and pretty much all of TTGS episodes will make you want to eliminate the pupils on your eyes and drink bleach and roast the teen titans on YouTube

10 We Bare Bears Has Better Butt Humor

I think it knows how to use butt humor correctly.

First of all there is no butt humor second of all all butt humor sucks

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? It is More Mature

TTG is so immature and is only for kids. dumb kids. While We Bare Bears are for children AND adults.

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11 Grizzly Bear, Ice Bear, and Panda Are Better Main Characters That Robin

I would agree,in fact Robin was supposed to be a bad character because of sick humor, unlike the characters from we bare bears they are just so loveable in so many ways.

I would agree, in fact Robin was supposed to be bad because of sick humor. Unlike the bears they are just so likeable inso many ways.

Ugh, please, just STOP making those lists about Teen Titans Go is worser than blah blah blah, your making me offended and bored, just stop.

12 Good Animation

The person who just said teen titans go is better is stupid

Teen titans go: the animation is HORRIBLE

We bare bears: nice animation.

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13 Grizzly Doesn't Manipulate Everyone Else
14 Robin is a Ripoff of Grizzly
15 More Interesting
16 It's Funnier
17 Beast Boy is a Ripoff of Panda

Panda is a vegetarian and so is Beast boy
Panda fails horribly to get a girl so does BB
Both characters also have multiple crushes

18 We Bare Bears Actually Came Out in 2009 as a Comic
19 WBB Has Better Morals

Why would someone live life to the shortest

20 WBB Has a Better Supporting Cast
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