Reasons Why We Can Not Go Back to Analog Television

Don't you miss Analog television? I know I do. Don't you miss your portable TVs that have an analog transmitter? Well, sadly we have to go with the changes. This list is for all of the people who demand for analog TV to come back.

The Top Ten

1 First Responders

The analog airwaves was needed to be freed up enough so the calls to First Responders would be more effective.

2 Internet Television

We have Hulu, Netflix, Roku, Apple T.V., Chromecast, etc. and I think that since Analog T.V. is rather outdated, nobody will even care either.

3 Widescreen Resolution

Analog television has a standard 4:3 resolution while Digital television has a 16:9 resolution. I think that even if the Analog transmitter was restored, the resolution were to look cropped just like it was before in 2009.

4 Bandwidth Was Already Sold to Cell Phone Companies and Internet Providers

Internet and phone companies need more bandwidth even to this day. Analog uses airwaves while Digital uses data.

5 It's Old

We all have to go with the changes now. We all have to get used to it.

6 People Have Already Thrown Out Their Old Television Sets

I still have my old television that I grew up for 15 years and I STILL haven't got rid of it. I understand that Analog T.V. is dead and obsolete, but it doesn't mean that T.V. ceased to exist.

7 The Analog Transmitters Were Already Disassembled

If I remember correctly, I heard that the transmitter needed to be disassembled for a back up generator.

8 The FCC Mandated that All of the Television Stations Were to Permanently Switch to Digital

For a very long time after the tragic accident of 9/11, the govt. needed to free up airwaves to improve phone calls to First responders, in 2009, they already have it.

9 Cable/Satellite TV

I understand that there was Analog Cable T.V., even THOSE channels switched to digital, if my memory serves me correctly. Now we have digital Cable/Satellite Television.

10 We Live in the Digital World

Even analog TVs switched to digital. We live in the digital age now, it's the new millennium.

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