Top Ten Reasons Why We Love the Sun


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1 It gives us heat

It gives terrible heat here. Argentina is a lot cooler than India. I think I'm mentioning this fact too many times. - Animefan12

Well, each country is special on its own way. In Argentina we have temperatures and landscapes of all kinds. My city's temperature is, in my opinion, excellent, but still we have some really cold days in winter though little snow close, and really hot days in summer sometimes. Still, I love the temperature here in general. - keyson

2 We need it to live

I like living.

WAY OVERRATED in my opinion

3 It gives us light
4 It is unique
5 It is always there for us
6 It's free

I wouldn't mind living in an always night world...Still same old heat and winters though...that would be beautiful - SeeU

Thank God this wonderful thing is free! Otherwise I'd have to live in total darkness.
Lovely list, Martin - Britgirl

7 It is the center of the solar system
8 We go in circles around it
9 It is huge

That's why Trump loves it - Songsta41

10 Gives us vitamin D

The Contenders

11 It has the form of a sphere
12 It uses a special type of energy, thermonuclear energy
13 It is a scientific curiosity

Solar physics has fascinated me since infancy. And it is yet more fascinating what it teaches us about the universe itself. - PositronWildhawk

14 It produces life
15 It's pretty cool
16 It is located about two-thirds into our galaxy - the Milky Way
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