Reasons Why We Love TheTopTens

I'm not gonna lie, is my favorite website of all times! Those are some reasons why we all (okay, SOME of us) love TheTopTens.

The Top Ten

1 It changes lives
2 You can make unlimited amounts of lists
3 It's something fun to do in your free time

Thanks for this list, anonymous. I couldn't agree more. - PositronWildhawk

#PositronWildhawk Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

4 It's fun

It's a fun and entertaining website! We use it to have fun and entertain each other!

5 It will never get boring
6 There are so many lists, so there is always something to read or comment
7 Anybody can comment
8 Anybody can make a list

This is very cool, actually. I hope it won't change, cause I love it this way. It's big this way!

9 Some lists are really hilarious
10 You share common interests with people

The Contenders

11 You get to know other opinions about stuff
12 You can vote a lot of times
13 You can give a positive or a negative vote in the comments
14 It's a friendly site most of the time

There are lists who are not friendly (unfortunately, I'm afraid that in every site there is controversy in a hostile way), but in general people here are sweet enough to make all these creative and sometimes crazy lists!

15 You live in it

You don't just go on this website. You LIVE in it! This website is our HOME! Anyone who doesn't live on this website should be ashamed of themselves. Heheheh.

16 You get to express your opinion about a lot of stuff
17 You can meet the love of your life
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