Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Be Able to Dislike Comments Again

We need to be able to dislike them again. Otherwise this site's popularity will start to decrease day by day. The best idea is to just add two sections next to the comments where one can like and the other can dislike.

The Top Ten

1 Users need criticism

This is a site based on opinion, people should be able to like AND dislike what they want. God forbid someone get offended by someone disliking something...I Mean that's just horrible... - RustyNail

No, I think it’s fine that you can only like comments. I’m not against other people wanting the option to dislike comments though. - PageEmperor

2 There are bad comments that might be harmful in a way

I'm just saying that there might be bad comments that could say something disrespectful and harm encouraging. So we definitely need to dislike them to not have others approve of them.

Then just report the comment. - PageEmperor

3 Not everyone is going to like what you like

So true. Fans of overrated pop stars and overrated superhero movies should know about this reason.

4 Not everyone is going to agree with you
5 This should be a site where people can like/dislike comments

It's always been my opinion that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Thus, if you don't agree with a comment, then don't give it a "thumbs-up". There is no need to make anyone feel bad by down voting a comment - it's just spiteful. If you don't agree with a comment, just leave it alone.
Having said that, you have made some good points to defend your opinion :). - Britgirl

6 We don't want to like poor quality comments
7 Not having dislikes could cause confusion

For example, let's say that someone commented on a person's death and mocked him. Then that comment would have a like. That's just awful and would confuse others because we don't want to encourage that type of behavior.

Then just assume the people who liked that comment on someone’s death were just trolls or something.

Like someone at option 5 said, I think it’s better if there’s a comment you don’t like, just ignore it. - PageEmperor

8 People should be free to express their different opinions
9 It would be a lot simpler because most of us don't even want to like certain comments
10 There shouldn't be only likes on comments
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