Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Kill Off Conservatives


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1 There would be less hate crimes

Killing them off is WAY too extreme. I know why you hate conservatives, but you're generalizing. Also, it seems kinda narrow minded that you'd think the world would be better with only liberals.

Heck yeah it's narrow minded. And so hypocritical it's almost funny.

Hypocrite much? Killing a group of people because of their beliefs IS a hate crime.

I can tolerate your animal right list but types of list like these are taking way way way way way too far far far far far - CerealGuy

For sure most republicans are in this category -- Senate majority Leader and House Speaker

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2 Science could advance faster

Conservatives have a 'follow the pack' mentality. This is why they are all a bunch of followers, with very very few leaders. Next to impossible for them to think for themselves. They continually hold back innovation, thinking that capitalism is some how going to save the world because it worked for maybe a couple decades. Like a child with a toy top that doesn't keep spinning, are the republicans trying to keep their beliefs afloat. Its why the whole world suffers. In fact all of their ideologies, are nothing more than wishful thinking or gut feelings passed down by their fathers. Liberals on the other hand, focus on science to give them answers to their realities. Science is the key to everything and sheds a light on all the lies, and that is why it is no surprise that MANY conservatives are also anti-science.

Excellent point we could use conservatives for human experimentation to further science!

Conservatives hate any form of logic and have sold off what few brain cells they may have ever possessed.

The only reason you're not enjoying stem-cell based medicine right now is the irritating existence of right wing religitards. Kill em all.

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3 We could make equality happen easier

Equality is not about forcing everyone to be equal. And it certainly isn't about erasing anyone or anything that has different beliefs or views than you. It is the total opposite. This list is pure anti-American, anti-freedom trash.

You're so one sided. Equality won't just magically happen all over the world overall.

If by equality you mean punishing people for hard work and common sense, carry on.

So we're going to kill the billionaires and millionaires first?! Then the conservatives?...asking for that's what it would take...inequality is not due directly to conservatism it has everything to do with the top 2%. You know...the people conservatives would sell their children and souls to kiss ass.

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4 No one would prioritize fetus over women

Oh, but according to Regressives, women's lives don't matter unless Donald Mussolini can grab their genitals. I'd just love to know what these amoebas plan to do with the present AND upcoming millions of orphans, specially the ones with congenital issues (and in need of very, very costly, advanced medical treatment). I assume non-Aryan embryos and fetuses will not be "protected" by the "pro-life" crew. Or, they will, but only to be sent to China and Dubai become slaves at the Trumps' sweat shops.

What you don't understand is that pro life is just that, pro life. That includes the mothers life. In the EXTREMELY rare, LESS THAN 1%, case where the mother would die without the abortion, the doctors will choose to save the mothers life and abort the child. So really, pro life isn't completely anti-abortion.

Pro-lifers are controlling people who want to ruin our rights and think unborn fetuses should be treated and given more rights than a women. - ToptenPizza

Cells don.,t equal a humnan life and their is to nuxch peopke abnyways - Lucretia

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5 Less christian extremists

Well, the only bad Christian extremists I see are Westboro Baptist Church members and retards who have "God hates F***" posters and shirts but that isn't even extremism at all! If you want real extremism, take a visit to the Middle East, you have ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Queda. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm fine with all religions but not the extremists who try to force their beliefs down everyone's throats, which are conservatives. - ToptenPizza

We are all so happy that You are "fine with all religions" - like we exist to form a world that You are happy with. Grow up or shut up please - Billyv

Toptenpizza, can you please just stop talking about these kind of topics? - Delgia2k

If people think the only bad christian extremists are westboro baptists, they probably are christian extremists. Oh, and there are NO good ones.

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6 They are idiots

I may be a liberal, but this is a ridiculous claim. In some countries such as mine, the conservative parties are corrupt for different reasons, but even I will say that there are conservative values that are crucial to society. Too far to one side, and you can no longer call it a free country. - PositronWildhawk

Sorry. Not true at all. All I can say is that a conservative person would never say anything like this. Thank god I'm not liberal.

You don't know what that even means. I'm not liberal or conservative but this list is really stupid in my opinion. - TwilightKitsune

Hyocritical. But true.

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7 Everyone's lives would improve

No. Some are fine with homosexuals(like me). Besides, most of congress is republicans, and blame Obama for not allowing homosexual marriage. He's a liberal. Also, why do babies get lose their life because some women make stupid choices. It's the women's fault, not the babies. - Therandom

There are tons of people who want a baby but can't have them so if you can't raise them put them up for adoption - 2storm

Women could get access to safe abortions, homosexuals will be allowed to marry everywhere and not given the death penalty all over the world, and come out easier same with transgenders, and less discrimination everywhere. - ToptenPizza

Obviously not for if you killed every conservative...thus someone in your family would be different if the scenario was flipped, there is a liberal in every conservative enclave and family...same with liberal enclaves and families; they have a conservative somewhere (typically drunk at a BBQ hitting on a cousin or his/her sibling).

8 So they can't teach their kids to be conservatives

Sorry, but I'm a conservative, and so are many people my age. We were raised right, raised to not believe mainstream media, and raised to form our own opinions and think deeply about different subjects. - GhostBird

I have friends favoring both groups, and I can say that they're very alike personality-wise. - Turkeyasylum

Liberals use schools to indoctrinate kids into having their delusional beliefs. They do this too, so your claim is hypocritical. - RockFashionista

Conservatives are negative so doing something negative to them would equal POSITIVE!

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9 They are slowing down evolution

Unfortunately American conservatives breed so they are contributing to the genetic diversity of the human race...but ending them all and liquidating their families would at least shut them up for a couple generations. By the time conservatism returns the United States would be so different their "right-wing" would be merely a conservative form of liberalism.

Oh, really? Politics are stopping us from developing immunity to diseases by nature? David Cameron will rewrite everyone's DNA? Just...stop. - PositronWildhawk

How does politics slow down evolution? - TwilightKitsune

Evolution doesn't happen.

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10 So everyone will be a liberal

You can't force us to change our beliefs. This list basically says you want to kill my parents, and me. - Therandom

Okay, I agree with some of the list but you just went full retard with this entry. Never go full retard - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Criticizes conservatives for shoving their beliefs down people's throats. Says the world would be better with only liberals.

ToptensPizza, you just drive way too far to the left as the republicans you criticize steer too far to the right.

How will that solve anything? I believe both sides should balance it out

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11 To make America great again
12 They disregard the poor
13 They do not care about anything but themselves


14 For animals rights

Shut up about animal rights, pizza-girl. Just shut up.

No one even cares about this

Shut up Pizza. - TwilightKitsune

15 So that everyone can sit serenely, eating lotus blossoms

Lol, Utopia doesn't exist. Get that through your heads, leftists.

People need to stop racist comments about Chinese is going too far..j/k..(what a dumb statement...I know many liberals and NONE of them ever ate a lotus blossom proves the initial question was written by a CONSERVATIVE terrified liberals want to murder them in their sleep)

16 They're greedy
17 Conservative presidents hardly create any jobs
18 So whoever preaches the action will be punished

I hope you get some serious intervention soon, for the sake of everyone as well as your own. You are a danger to peace and humanity and drag down our chances for success - Billyv

19 Media would improve

You do know the mainstream media is bad enough as it is (e.g. FOX's bias can count), and you're only going to make it worse if there was basically only left-wing people in the world? Even if I am not a political person and I definitely don't side with a wing (I am anti-pro-life and for LGBT rights, however), you really need to make a better claim than "if we killed off all rightists we'd have a better world".

Only point I'm making on this list. This is bad enough than the liberals list. - Swellow

20 To reduce overpopulation
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