Top Ten Reasons Why We Shouldn't Blame God for Bad Things in Our Life


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1 He sent his son to die on the cross for our sins

My questions are simple. Why did he send his own son to death? Is he immoral to send his own son to death? Did we changed afterwards? Are we because of that no sinners anymore? If Jesus had lived or die what would be the difference in my life? What about the religions like for instance Buddhism that are actually older than Jesus? What have they in common with Jesus and sin ( they don't believe in that! )? So many questions that can't be answered with this fact ( or fantasy? ) that he send his son to die on a cross ( wich was a common Roman punishement at that time ). Did he say ; " Now I'm gonna ask or make the jews to deliver my son to the Romans so that they can kill my son "?

No...DON'T "think again." Don't be intimidated by the pathetic little PC fascists who demand you embrace and acknowledge everyone's beliefs, or none at all. You have every right to your beliefs, and to speak of them, exclusively. You have no obligation to promote anyone else's belief system.

No he didn't

"Why didn't (sic) you write according to Christianity? Not everyone on this website including me is Christian. Think again." No, YOU think again. Presumably, you meant "why DID you write..." The writer has a perfect right to express his/her spirituality as it exists, and not according to some politically correct, multicultural, watch-what-you-say fascist doctrine. So go cry in your pablum.

2 All the good in life comes from god

All of the good things in life come from good? There is no proof for that. I wish people didn't assume the whole site was Christian. - BlackMetalDagger666

3 God never said that our lives would be without pain

Oh, you shut my mouth! with this one.

He only makes us go through hard times to test us. God is NEVER blind to our tears, deaf to our prayers, or silent to our pain. He sees, He hears, and He will deliver. Sometimes the best thing that we can do is not think, not imagine, not obsess, but breathe. And have faith that everything will work out in the end. When you feel like worrying, try praying instead. Worrying only creates more stress, but praying creates peace. God is bigger than whatever you're going through. Just remember, his plans, are bigger than you're dreams.

Great, isn't it, how users on this site just ASSUME that God exists and everything said in a religion is correct. We're not all Christian here - sweetbeef

4 It's demons that create adversity

The devil is also responsible for sending more people to Hell after death.

This all started when the Devil became evil and created sins in the first place buy telling Eve (then Adam), to eat the forbidden fruit.

5 Blasphemy is a sin

Sins, sins, sins. Even cutting your hair is a sin. As a atheist I think that you should try to be a good person and understand the bad things in life. - BlackMetalDagger666

6 It is the devil trying to turn you away from god

Oh no the guy with horns on his head is behind me ah run no I can't he is always behind me unless I repent to the guy I can't see.

7 The bible says that god loves us and does everything he can so we don't go to hell
8 We must have faith in god always

Whether in life that's good or bad, God is still there for all of us (even for the ones that don't believe in God) because God is always good, no matter what!

9 Remember that god created you in his image

So he created me to have big ugly lips and messed up teeth? I blame him for this regardless of this list.

10 Because he doesn't exist

Because Paganism is older than God you dipstick Roman/Greek/Celtic.

And you know that how?

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11 There's no proof God even exists

This canard is so amusing. So many on this site are willing to believe nearly any ridiculous claim for which
NO proof exists, as long as it fits some politically correct popular narrative. Yes, there is no PROOF that God exists, but there's a universe full of EVIDENCE, most of it presenting itself within arm's reach.

12 Blaming god for bad things means you are listening to satan
13 It's a complete waste of time to blame your problems on something that doesn't exist


14 Misotheism is a waste of time

Exactly! Because angsty satanists who hate God are wasting their time trashing a being that DOESN'T exist!

15 Without God, we wouldn't be able to wish death upon our enemies

The only item on this list that I agree with.

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