Top 10 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Kill Sharks

Sharks may be scary, but without them, the ocean is in great risk of danger. We Humans think that Sharks are cruel, merciless, bloodthirsty, violent, killing machines, but in reality, more Sharks are killed each year by Humans. So it's the Sharks who should be Scarred of us. We need Sharks to survive. Without them, the Fish will eat the Smaller Fish who help eat the ocean's algae. Without them, the Rays will eat all the Scallops and there will be no more Scallops for Us and the Rays. A lot of People like to kill Sharks just because they're scary, but if we put aside our fear, hatred, And neglect, then we will see how important Sharks really are to Us and our world.

Remember. The more you know, the less you'll fear.

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1 Humans Kill More Sharks than Shark Kill Humans

We should know that 8 people were killed by sharks a year. but 11417 sharks were killed by us each and every hour!

Sharks kill an average of 80 humans a year. Humans killed over 100 million sharks a year and an average of 1 to 2 sharks are killed very second. Approximately 11,500 sharks are killed each hour and an average of 200 are killed in 1 minute! Also, sharks only kill humans because they think they are fish or other types of prey. They spit the humans out after realizing they are not what they thought they were.

1% of Humans die from Shark Attacks. 861% of Sharks are killed by Humans. Each year, over 100 million Sharks are killed. 70% for Shark Fin Soup, and 30% by Habitat Destruction and Fishing or Bycatch.

Sharks are important for a variety of reasons.One is that some species are apex predators-this means that they have no natural predators and are on the top of the food chain.Second is,since 2008,data shows that 74 great white sharks have been killed and used for money.

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2 They Keep Ecosystems In Balance

Sharks are the apex predator in the food chain, so if we kill them, the animals that sharks eat will explode in population, causing other animals to die out.

I agree, they should not be killed

They leave shark out in the wild to suffer and that's not fair

I agree

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3 We Shouldn't Kill More Sharks Because the Media Depicts Them As Scary

They don't even attack you for no reason. Their eyesight is terrible, so they think you are a different animal. Usually they only take a bite but spit it out because they hate the taste of human. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

A lot of people think that Sharks are cruel, merciless, killing machines just like the one depicted in Jaws. But in reality, Humans are not the preferred prey of the Great White Shark.

Sharks may be scary but at the end of the that I love them

We shouldn’t kill sharks because they are not blood eating animal there loveable animals and there want peace in there lives! And I want to be there for the animal and not kill for there fins.

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4 They're Hardly Even That Dangerous by Statistics

Bees kill more people than sharks do. - Kaboom

That's true because vending machines kill more people then sharks

I can't even eat sharks whats the point of killing them-Eli

Nets that re supposed to stop the sharks from getting to close to the beach caught 615 marine animals when only 133 sharks were caught. almost half of the animals died.

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5 They're Part of This World

They are made from god and we should respect them such as we should respect others.

They were alive 400 million years ago and there the king of the ocean and we should respect that

Every living creature on this planet has a purpose, therefore cutting one species out causes an improper misbalance which could cause problems to Earth we don't even know of.

They are a part of the life circle

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6 We Are Going Into Their Habitat at Our Own Risk

No habitat is really ours as ALL animals were created first. So just stay home and never leave, because you may be killed by a rouge Moose or a pack of wolves.

I think this is true. I am doing my English assignment for grade and I has to be on a media topic. This is a fantastic reason and I'm sure I'm going to use it

We the people should not go into coral reefs because we hurt them

We don't own the earth. Simple as that.

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7 Sharks Mistake You As Animals Like Seals. That's Why They Kill You

They harm you and if the don't like the taste them they will spit the people out they attacked and the person might still be alive.

A shark's view of a person on a body board looks like a seal to them and it's our fault for going there anyway

Also sharks will only usually attack if provoked.

true fact!

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8 The Marine Food Chain Would Be Bad Without Them

If they are extinct there will be too much fish and les plankton and all of the filter feeders will die

If they become extinct, other small fish will overproduce.

A Whale Shark, not a man-eater, does eat plankton as do whales themselves. So killing all "man-eating" sharks would NOT hurt the food chain.

"let me correct you", the food chain wouldn't be alive without them. because they keep the sea in balance. :):P

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9 Most People Believe Sharks Have to Be Hunted and Killed Without Mercy

Don't waste time on killing sharks

This is a really dumb reason to kill them. - GentleTrouter

It's not a matter of "without mercy". They attack us and they are a viable food resource as well. I do agree to kill them and leave them to just rot and die is wrong. Kill no animals unless they are trying to kill you or you are gong to eat them.

Sharks should not be killed because they scare people, and not even for food.

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10 They're Awesome

They help the food chain without them it would not be the same

Where is the explanation to this

They look like max

Sharks die from ligma

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11 They Help Prevent Prey Overgrazing the Habitat

They help to minimum the fishes

They can help keep other predators from eating to much of the other fishes

Yeah they eat the same fish we do. It is said that the oceans are becoming over harvested because of human consumption. Take man-eating sharks out the equation...problem solved.

12 We Will All Die

If we kill al the sharks, the fish will overpopulate and eat all of the plants that provide oxygen. The ocean's plants have 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere, so the amount of oxygen in total will drop from 16-21% to 5-7%, depending on location and altitude. And not even Chuck Norris could survive that. Maybe.

Even if we destroy all of them and they would no longer be any harm, we all will still die. So better leave them alone.

The sharks all die, then the fish die, then the plankton die, then the animals die, then we die, because there's no food to eat anymore.

I think that's absurd

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13 They Help Eat the Sick, Injured Fish

If there were no Sharks around to eat the sick and injured Fish, then Schools of Fish could be thrown into chaos.

They help eat the sick to clean the ocean

If there are to many sick fish the sea will become polluted which won't be good

I think sharks should never be killed

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14 They Are All Almost Gone

Sharks are killed every day so the more they kill the more the population go down than there is a more bigger chance that they would go instinct

You forgot Bull and Mako sharks. I also said, "man-eaters". Saw, nurse, whale, and Sand are NOT man-eaters or even dangerous at all, so I do not advocate ANY killing of non man-eaters.

Great white sharks right now in 2017 have about 3500 of them left and are the 8th endangered animal

No they are not you shucks great whites are all over the world. There population is increasing hense the increased numbers is fatal attacks I.e 5 fatal attacks in western Australia alone in under 8 months. Kill them around popular beaches

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15 They Help Other Marine Animals Eat Small Sea Creatures

That makes no sense at all.

got ya

I know right

I think I know sharks eat them for them so they don’t have to
I think?.?

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16 They Help Eat the Fish

Sharks help eat the Fish in the ocean. But if we kill all of the Sharks, the Fish will eventually eat all the Smaller Fish who eat the Algae in the ocean. If there were no Smaller Fish, then the Algae will eventually spread all across the world's ocean.

Ok there is no logic there.


Mummy Change my diaper please it’s fuller than trump’s hair

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17 They're Older than Us

Sharks have been around before the Earth's First Dinosaurs. They've even been around before the Earth's First Trees!

Sharks been here for years they are actually a dinosaurs so they have the rights to be on earth as much as the humans do

ALL animals were here first. So become a Vegan.

very true

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18 They're Friendly

Agreed. Man Hunters excluded, Sharks are quite friendly as long as you don't look like food.

Once I had a cup of tea with one

Some sharks are harmless like the whale shark and some are dangerous and deadly like the great white without killing people.

Have you seen Sharknado? - Userguy44

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19 They're Cool

Sharks Can do amazing things that other sea creatures can't do that no one in the world could believe a shark could do

Cool? Really? Why?

You people who think people should kill sharks are absolute IDIOTS
P.S. I think sharks are COL

They are misterios creaters and know very little about them

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20 They Help Eat the Rays

Sharks love to eat Rays and Rays love to eat Scallops. But if we hunted all of the Sharks, the Rays will eat all of the Scallops. Then there will be no more Scallops because the Rays ate them all. That's bad for the Rays and bad for Us.
This is exactly what happened off the coast of North Carolina. When Sharks were Overfished. And now there's no more Scallops there.

So eat the rays too.

This is so stupid

21 Not All Sharks are Dangerous

Bruce is a nice shark

I went to this zoo and there were mini sharks there. They were completely harmless

Whale sharks, for example they are harmless sharks.

Bruce is a beast shark

22 They Can Not Talk

The only reason they bite is because they can not talk to tell you to get out of their home

That's right they can't ofenend you

ha ha

23 Other Animals Accidentally Get Killed While Hunting Sharks Like Turtles and Seals

lick me


I love turtles so stuff all the people who are killing u are so mean ps I am twelve 😂 ❤️ 🐢

24 They're in Jaws

I don't know just wanted to comment

There would be no shark movies

Yes very much true


25 They Keep the Fish Population in Balance

I like Wendys not McDonalds because I lick fresh meat

Wendys sucks

26 Sharks Can Stop Cancer in Humans

The immune system in sharks is so strong that they don't really get sick. The enzymes in their immune stems vang be extracted with no harm and be modified to end cancer in humans. 7.6 million people are killed by cancer each year. Imagine a world without canver! Sharks can solve that!

To be honest, that fact is a myth. Scientists have found tumors inside sharks.

Sharks are amazing creatures and if we kill them thau won't come back

27 They are Innocent

Yeah it is not their fault they were born. God put the, here for a reason right?

Don't kill sharks!

I agree, free and fair trial.
Capital punishment is bad

Sharks have done nothing to you,so why do you kill them.just because they kill us doesn't mean we kill them

28 Just Because They Look Scary Doesn't Mean They are Scary

I like chai latte

29 They Cost a Lot of Money

That's true

30 They are the Cutest

Why do we kill sharks when jellyfish hurt more start culling jellyfish instead of sharks

Yes they are

31 They Make the Ocean Healthy

Not true. We consume more and more fish everyday. If man-eating sharks were out the equation, them we could keep consuming fish without the oceans being over fished.

They keep the food relationship / food chain from going wrong

I bounce a lot! :]

32 They Can't Help Being Born Sharks

Drum lines are also killing turtles and dolphins as such that is why I think shark culling should be stoped

What if sharks were born humans. Would you kill a human.


33 They Are Rare

They're is some sharks that people don't know about because either people killed them years ago or because they live in like the twilight zone so people can't learn about them and beside sometime sharks don't even go near areas where people is so some people don't need to worry about them

We are more likely to die from smoking, car crash or a lightning bolt then a shark attack.

They are endangered

34 Sharks are Disappearing

Well there aren't

The recovery rate for sharks is 4% and the rate at which we kill them is approximately 7.9%.


35 Sharks Think that You are Fish Because of How You Swim
36 We Overpopulate More Than They Do

While 200 sharks are born every year,8000 people are born every second.

37 If the Fish Ecosystem is Overpopulated the Whale Shark Keeps the Ecosystem In Balance.
38 We Need Them

If we didn't have sharks most species would over produce and our oceans would end up crowded with unwanted and wanted fish and other creatures. So why kill them?

How can you say other fish are "unwanted" how are they "unwanted"?

39 They Don't Taste Nice

They Taste Like Rubbish So there is no point in killing them

They are full of Mercury which is poison to us don't be dumb to get the picture

Obviously you have NEVER eaten shark or you were the victim of a very bad cook. Shark tastes awesome. Remember H Salt Fish and Chips, who aid they're fish did not taste fishy? That was shark meat.

40 They're Misunderstood

Sharks are thought to be scary but they are actually really cool.

We don't know everything about hem

. if we don't stop killing sharks just because we THINK they r scary u will kill the one place we came from: the ocean

41 Sharks Aren't the Most Dangerous Animals

People are more likely to be killed by a hippo, crocodile, dangerous water current, or lightning, than by a shark

Sharks r awesome

42 They're Pretty

Gorgeous animals

43 They Ensure Human Survival

Head over to

44 Sharks are pretty
45 They are So Cute

They are so adorable

The are imprtant too

46 Fish will overgraze if they are gone

Without sharks grazing will happen rapidly and the land will quickly become unusable and won’t have enough time to recover

47 Sharks are Important to Us
48 Sharks Just Need Food
49 They Help the Eco-Systems
50 Shark Attacks are Rare

I'm already tracer

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