Top Ten Reasons Why We Shouldn't Watch Clarence

It's a terrable, terrable show! Never watch it! Here are reasons why:

The Top Ten

1 It brainwashes us!

Cartoon Network's been downhill ever since Codename: Kids Next Door ended. - Anonymousxcxc

2 The creator is rude!

I wouldn't trust a show created by a vengeful psychopathic rapist either.

The creator of Clarence got fired from cn for criminal charges

3 The characters are dumb!

You could say that. I mean some of them aren't really dumb, just almost plainly annoying and creepy. - TheRegular1227

True that

No they're not u jerk

I actually like Clarence but characters can be annoying at times. And I do respect your opinion if you hate Clarence

For example
Clarence is usually funny but can be inmature sometimes
Sumo is funny but a bit annoying at times
Jeff is a bit of a know it all but is still ok
Belson is a bit salty but only because clarence annoys him at times but he can still be nice - Lunala

4 Clarence teaches things we shouldn't do!
5 He breaks rules!

It's a show

6 CN lets Clarence ruin Cartoon Network!

Nah. That's the topic, not a reason. You can do better. - TheRegular1227

7 It makes you want to throw your TV out the window!

That's another reason that only tells the topic of this list. - TheRegular1227

I'd throw u out my window

8 You will stop watching CN because of Clarence!

Seriously? Nothing else that can do the explanations? - TheRegular1227

STFU U JERK, get help

9 You want to kill yourself after watching it!

I'm pretty sure my IQ shrinks when my family watches this show. It makes me want to cry.

Oh come on! I get it! Clarence makes you kill yourself, cringe, and all that! But four reasons in a row with nothing to explain that? - TheRegular1227

Not to be crazy! - Tabbygirl

Nah It makes me sad that the episode ended, I love clarence

10 Clarence ruined Pokemon

He ruined it. I mean, Pokemon was a great show, but Clarence is like KISS MY ASS and shoved it away. I mean, Pokemon has a great plot, but Clarence is some retarded kid who runs around and mess people up. Pokemon should be in CN, and Clarence should be erased. Get his retarded fat prick off from my face.

Does this have to do with Pokemon? Could you compare to any shows that at least has something similar? - TheRegular1227

Both are good in my opinion - Lunala

Pokémon sucks already

The Contenders

11 It's a very dumb show

Don't listen to the fans it is a dumb show

I rather watch 2 episodes of Sanjay and Craig then one episode of this crap

12 It has horrible animation

Cartoon Network just devolved in animation quality with this crappy cartoon.

No, it's not. It has new animation, but became a waste with stupid humor and some of unlikable characters, namely Clarence. - TheRegular1227

Teen Titans Go has worse animation than Clarence, along with PPG reboot.

13 It is cringeworthy

It's not other cringy at all

14 The creator was charged with sexual assault

If this doesn't support this idea nothing will

15 They condone same sex jokes
16 It has a horrible influence on kids
17 The characters are unlikable
18 Some characters have odd facial features

Kinda true like there's a girl with really big hair and jeff has a square head like steve from minecraft - Lunala

19 The show itself is terribly made

Your a mistake

Yeah. It:
1. Makes fun of the mentally challenged (just watch one episode, you'll see what I mean)
2. Has homosexual couples (even a hetero couple is inappropriate for a kids show, let alone a same-sex one.)
3. Has horrible plot lines, (there was an episode about running around a fun dungeon)
4. It even teaches that working is dangerous (there is a character named josh who is punished for trying to do his job every time he appears)

20 The voice acting is horrendous!

Two of the three main characters are supposed to be kids, but they sound nothing like kids. Clarence, who is voiced by the show's creator Skylar Page, sounds more like an alcoholic gay guy with a lisp, and Sumo, the bald kid, sounds like Popeye the Sailor's mentally retarded brother.

I admit the voices are annoying but I still like the show. - Lunala

21 It's A Huge Rip Off Of Sanjay And Craig
22 Clarence causes mischief at the doctors office waiting room
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