Top 10 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

Since “feminism” is considered to be the word of the year in 2017, I find it necessary for people to know why we need it now, in 21 st century. When we speak about feminism in our modern world, people get automatically diversed into two groups: those who say that women are already equal to men and those who disagree with this statement. Yes, for sure women have a lot more rights than they ever had. However, these days women still have so much inequalities and injustice to deal with. Below, I will list and open up top 10 reasons why all the representatives of female gender need feminism.
The Top Ten
1 Because men decide what should happen to women's bodies

I'm sorry, wasn't it men who also gave you the right to vote and all that? I know this is a list of reasons why all countries need feminism currently, but keep in mind that in America and other countries where women have equality, people still complain about this and it is an absurd complaint.

In 2017 there are still six nations - the Holy See, Malta, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Chile do not allow abortion under any circumstances. Other 13 countries have such tight controls upon abortion that for many women it is an impossibility. And all of these laws are made up by representatives of male gender. That means that men still don't get that «Women's body - women's choice».

It ain't about men and women. Abortion is still evil (unless it is early in the pregnancy)

This site is stupid. Please take this list down. America doesn't need Feminism.

2 Child marriages are still common

Thank you so much for making this list. Stupid anti-feminists need to realize that the world still needs feminism. Child marriages and such are so wrong, immoral and should be banned.

Also, social justice warriors and other left-wingers are not feminists; They are misandrists and people who can't separate fantasy from reality, thus they whine all the time and try to force political correctness on everything. It was the Republican Party who gave women the right to vote and equal opportunity to men, not the Democrat Party. (No offense to anyone, this is a fact.)

Nearly 40000 of girls are getting married before they are 18 every day. These girls are below 15 years in 36% of cases. And due to the statistics, child marriages end up having a larger risk and frequancy of sexual abuse domestic violence compared with marriages between adults. With little access to education and economic opportunities, they and their families are more likely to live in poverty.

Most of these are problems that are nonexistent in America. America DOES NOT need feminism, the middle east, Africa, and parts of Asia do

You don't want feminists in America because you hate equality. If you had it your way less women would be working and housewives instead.

3 Women are defined mostly by looks

Do you honestly believe men also don't have certain "beauty standards" they're expected to live up to? Also, aren't female peers more uptight about the way the girls they associate themselves with look or act anyway? People are shallow and rude, and this is something you can expect from both genders.

If a girl was hot and acted rude, she would still get a lot of hate. But if she was jut average looking ss was nice then she would get praised. Most people care about personality so this doesn't make much sense. Also, men are just as affected.

Ok. This site is the weirdest thing I've seen in a while. Don't make it seem like women are the only people that are defined by looks. Men are defined by their looks, and their financial situation. So get this list off this site.

Pressured to achieve body perfection or sports dominance, men often resort to using steroids, which causes irreversible damage to internal organs, and affects thinking.

4 Forced prostitution

A lot of women are sold into slavery, beaten and forced into prostitution these days. Once traffickers or pimps effectively bring their victims into the system of prostitution, keeping them alive takes minimal effort. And the women remain stuck in the destructive cycle of a lifestyle of prostitution. Sex trafficing exposes them to increasingly dangerous situations, damaging them physically and mentally, destroying their self worth. Due to statistics, every two minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation in the US.

It's perfectly legal if the footage is recorded and sold

This is very disgusting.

This is disgusting

5 Slut-Shaming

The majority of slut-shaming is done by other women, actually. Also, this movement loves to go on about embracing women who are sexually active or acting promiscuous, but then when men stare at them or find it attractive, you then call this objectification of women or "catcalling". Sorry, but you can't have one thing without the other. If you're doing dance moves that are meant to be sexually attractive to men, you can't get mad at men for staring.

The main reason that I think that this is a problem is that "Sluts" like to talk about their sex life, post about it on social media, or just do the ole' french kiss in public. If they just kept their sex life to themselves, then well, nobody would have to hear about it and things would be a lot better. Freedom of speech but its still gross.

I'm not a feminist myself but no one (especially females) deserves to be slut shamed.

We slut shame in order to protect

6 Victim-Blaming

But what about false accusations? Not saying it's a bad thing for women to come forth after being sexually harassed. But the accused is always innocent until actually proven guilty.

Especially on male rape victims. But victim blaming on female also exists.

Victim-blaming legit never happens anymore. People just blindly believe the alleged victim and automatically charge the alleged rapist, whether he was guilty or not. Obviously it's horrible if the alleged victim was raped, but if she's lying (and plenty of times they do), then I feel bad for the person who was accused because they now have had their entire life ruined as a result of someone's lie.

Karma is a bitch ain't it?

7 Catcalling

There's a difference between complimenting and catcalling. Complimenting makes someone feel good and comfortable about themselves. Catcalling does the opposite.

Catcalling - leaving verbal comments, whistling, honking, kissing noises, staring, groping, stalking women and girls in public places. According to an online survey held in 2008, OVER 99% of 811 participants (females) told that they had experienced some form of street harassment. Catcalling is really degrading and disrespectful.
After being catcalled a lot of women blame themselves for wearing “inappropriate”, “too short” clothes, feel themselves uncomfortable, threatened and scared.

This one is stupid. This is for bad feminism why feminism is RUINED nowadays.

It's only catcalling if the man is ugly

8 Rape

It is very difficult to find the real statistics about raped women, because a lot of cases are unreported/not taken seriously by people. According to statistics, ONLY 46% of all rapes are reported. Women may not report because of being afraid of slut-shaming and victim-blaming. In some countries where premarital sex and adultery lead to death penalty/honor killing reporting rape can be even dangerous. Due to a survey, in the United States of America, 600 people are raped every day!
Is there any man you know that is afraid of walking on streets alone or at night? And is there at least one friend of you (female) that is scared of this stuff and may even carry pepper spray with herself.
So when will women walk home after work when it is dark and not be scared of being raped, sexually assaulted or kicked?

Sofiyagulyamova-if only 46% are reported how do u know about the rest

Rape is only seen as bad because it doesn't let you use your female parts to manipulate men into treating you like queens

I've had a someone say to me, "it doesn't matter if she says yes, all men are rapists."
What? When did rape become sex with both gender's consent?

9 Female genital mutilation

See, now this is an actual reason why we still need feminism. This is psychotic and there are countries in the world where this kind of crap happens. Should be higher.

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) - includes procedures that partially or totally remove female genitalia or cause injury to it for NON-MEDICAL reasons. Traditional circumcisers usually carry out the practice. FGM is internationally recognized as violation of female’s human rights. Also, female genital mutilation is mostly practiced in sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab states. However, women living in some countries of Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand are also affected.
In most cases, FGM is made under unsanitary conditions that lead to problems with health such as hepatitis с or even HIV. And unfortunately besides physical traumas like complications during child birth, anaemia, urinary infection, fever and etc., they also have to deal with mental problems like stress, feelings of anxiety and depression.

And this isn't above 'because men decide what women do with their bodies or whatever'

This is actual torture and pain.

Hmmm, I don't hear any of you complaining about male circumcision.

10 Honor killings are a thing

What is honor killing? Honor killing - a form of punishment, when a member of a family (girl) is murdered by another one due to a “shameful” (usually, loosing virginity before marriage or dating/marrying a person that was not approved by parents or other family members) act by the victim upon their family/community.
Nowadays, honor killings are often associated with countries in North Africa and Middle East. But in countries like Jordan an Iraq the legal system tacitly approves of honor killings, which is a huge problem. For sure, the steps are taken to stop honor killings, but the problem is also in the subordinate role women plays in society. According to a study held in 2003, nearly half of Jordanian boys and 20% of girls believed that killing a woman in the name of honor is justifiable.
And to all the women that are being shamed for being sexually active, please remember that your virginity is no indication of your quality unless you are olive oil.

The Contenders
11 Sexism
12 Male Privilege

Male Privilege doesn't exist. I thought that was obvious... but I guess some people still don't get it.

Name one right afforded to men in the U.S. that women don't have and we can talk about "male privilege".

If you try to use this list to spread your misandrist beliefs, karma will get you

I have never seen a female sewage worker

13 Manspreading

Lmao they complaining when they putting their bags on the seats. I'm not saying all women do this but if you do this you just as bad.

Actually this reason is dumb. Yes there are occasional space issues but don't make a political conspiracy about how people sit.

Shut up with this idiotic complaining of manspreading, sorry I want to sit in a comfortable way. I'll make myself uncomorftanble so you can complain about more useless stuff.

Ignore this, an anti-feminist put this on here.

14 Assuming one’s gender

Knickers in a twist over genders nowadays all of you are on social media, and feminism.

Another anti-feminist troll.

15 Toxic Masculinity
16 Equal Representation

Feminist think women better than men how tf that indepedent my dood.

We need moar strong independant women. Lol

17 Mansplaining

Anti-feminist troll.

18 Transphobia towards Transwomen

If your feminism doesn't include Trans women, you are not a feminist.

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