Top Ten Reasons Why We Will Never Have Another Freddie Mercury

I think we show proper respect to the greatest singer of all time, Freddie Mercury. Nobody can come close to Mercury, considering the closest we've got was Whitney Houston. Also, I firmly believe that it is offensive if you compare singers like Halsey, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez to Freddie Mercury. They're the minor leagues as far as I'm concerned. Of course, it goes without saying that this is all my opinion, but I mean, come on, it's Freddie Mercury

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1 He was the most consistent singer of all time

He was dying when he sung The Show Must Go On, and crushed it like he was still in the 70's. Brian May actually asked him if he was going to be possibly able to do it, and Fred said " 'I'll f***ing do it, darling" and absolutely destroyed it. - spiritofhiphop

2 He could perfectly capture emotion in his voice

Most modern pop singers such as Taylor Swift and Halsey just sing in their monotone robot voice, while Freddie could capture sadness, pain, anger, happiness, and excitement all in his voice. - spiritofhiphop

I almost forgot, Fat Bottomed Girls makes me cry. - EliHbk

Yes - EliHbk

3 Only three people could sing near his level in history

James Brown only wishes he had the stage presence Mercury... No-one could convey different emotions like Freddie could. He was the whole package. Sure, classical singers might have a greater range, but I challenge you to find a singer from ANY genre who could've held 72,000 people in the palm of their hand like Freddie did at Live Aid in '85.

Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Mariah Carey have all gotten close to Freddie, but none of them quite there. - spiritofhiphop

Possibly true regarding pop and rock singers, but plenty of RnB singers like James Brown equal or surpass him, and then there's the classical singers.

4 He could write good music

Look at all the pop divas of today, none of them can write a good song to save their life. Freddie wrote Bohemian Rhapsody and the entire black side of Queen II. - spiritofhiphop

5 He cared very deeply about singing

As I said earlier, he sung all his songs with passion. These modern pop divas sound like they want to get the song done as quick as possible - spiritofhiphop

6 His voice is amazing

But not a better voice than George Michael's voice!

He could sing from a bass low (F2) to a soprano high (F6) - spiritofhiphop

7 He had a personality

He has all these layers that make his songs so much more understandable. Unlike these modern pop divas - spiritofhiphop

8 He mixed opera and rock flawlessly

He could sing like an opera singer over the instrumentals of rock songs. What more could you ask of someone? - spiritofhiphop

9 His songs were so creative and brilliant

From "Bohemian Rhapsody" to "We Are The Champions" every song he sung felt like something that only the man himself Freddie Mercury could be crazy enough to come up with. - spiritofhiphop

10 He performed on stage while sick from AIDS

That guy never gave up.

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11 He at least injects some fun in his music
12 He wrote Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian rhapsody was just an amazing creation. I can not say a word except great

The greatest rock song of all time written by the great rock singer of all time.

The best song of all time.

13 His solo albums were amazing yet they're not nearly as good as his best work with Queen

Seriously, he was so versatile - spiritofhiphop

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1. Only three people could sing near his level in history
2. He was the most consistent singer of all time
3. He performed on stage while sick from AIDS
1. He was the most consistent singer of all time
2. He could perfectly capture emotion in his voice
3. He could write good music
1. He was the most consistent singer of all time
2. His voice is amazing
3. He cared very deeply about singing


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