In Honor of Forever_Smiling13...

As we probably all know now-and if you don't, relax because I'm going to tell you. One of our most popular and beloved users, Forever_Smiling13, has left the site, and I'm sure you all know this made me extremely sad. I know this line will be controversial, but if there is one user I feel like I know in real life, one user I would do ANYTHING for them to stay, it's Forever_Smiling13. Although there are other people I'd do that for. So let's talk about this amazing user for a second. And I mean this now more than ever, but NO TROLL COMMENTS.

So, I saw Krissie's profile doing my typical time on the site one day. And while I know Krista or Kris is her name, I always had the nickname Krissie for her. She said it was cute and that she wanted me to call her that. We started talking and became close friends, and I instantly wanted to get to know her closely. I told her about how we're all like a family here, and so we became the official not-actually-related siblings on the site. Krissie and I would always talk about how our day was. On the good days(which were most of them) we would play around and talk, and on the bad days we would always support each other and give hugs and even kisses over the net. She was always there for me, one of my best friends, someone who I knew would never bail on me. Unfortunately, she had to leave the site for reasons unknown, which still makes me really sad.

But It's not as if Krissie only got close to me-many other users such as Samanime and Keycha1n got close to her, and Lina1028 is her best friend in real life. She also moved away, so clearly many people are probably sad about this. I've tried so hard to cheer myself up about her departure, but it just really breaks my heart that she's leaving here and I'll probably never get to talk to her again. This is my only place close to social media, and the people here are like family to me. Why else would I call most of the people here my big brothers and sisters? They do feel like family to me, and I'm really not just saying that-it's genuine. But ForeverSmiling13 is a user who I really feel cannot be replaced. She may not have made the most popular lists here (but I think her lists are awesome), but her personality, heart, and amazingness make her easily one of the best users ever made here. I just wish there was some way I could still talk to her, but until then I'd just like to say one thing, and I hope she can read this...

Goodbye Krissie. I'll always love you, big sis.


Good Bye Garythesnail! - visitor

Um... I'm not leaving. Smiling is. - Garythesnail

Lol reek - CerealGuy

I could just say the usual "goodbye" in the comments, but that unoriginal. I
I need to think of something. - gemcloben

I can't believe she left. NO - EpicJake

I wish she didn't leave. - Therandom

Undoubtedly my best friend I've ever met here. I'm glad we're in touch though. Anything you have to say to her, I'll make sure to tell her-message me anytime you want. I'm sure she'd be very happy to hear from all of you guys! - keycha1n

I didn't really know her that well, but I feel your pain bro. - Puga

Thanks. - Garythesnail

I kinda did think she was a tad too creepy for my liking... Sorry but I had to say it. - visitor

But none the less, she did seem like a nice person. - visitor

I miss her awfully already. I was hit hard when lovemusic went away, and now, it's happened again. I had plenty of fun talking with Kris on this site, and she, Carmen and Lina made a terrific trio, one which one comes across once in a lifetime. She may have left saying that it wouldn't make an impact, but she was wrong, and Gary, my heart is as heavy as yours. I just guess that's life. - PositronWildhawk

This is so touching to read. I do agree me Kris and Lina were are a terrific trio! - visitor

Hey guys. I know you all miss forever_smiling13, and I just want to say that I'm trying to get her to come back. Who knows? Maybe she will. But I don't know for sure. I know for sure that she misses everyone. If you ever have anything you want to say to her even though she's gone, just message me. I'll be able to tell her. - Lina1028

I sadly never got to know her very well. However, I'll miss her vibrant personality. - PetSounds

I actually spoke to Smiling on Wattpad, this was her respond.

"ERMAHGERD! HEY! I'm really sorry that I didn't inform you that I left. But I also didn't inform anyone else either. But oh well, sorry.

And I just left because I kinda lost interest in the site." - Mumbizz01

Actually, good news! She returned! :DCheck out Eternal_Laughter, that's her new account! - Garythesnail