Top Ten Reasons Why Wendy O. Koopa is Better Than Peach

I'm a huge Wendy, Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette, Birdo, and Pauline fan who doesn't like Peach at all.

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1 She has a better role

What role? - RosalinaX

Before I start commenting against your list, just know I don't hate Wendy. I like Wendy, but Peach is my favorite. Also I know this is your opinion. - Qryzx

2 She has unique powers

What powers? - RosalinaX

To be honest Peach has unique powers too. Mood Swings (you should know this if you play/ed Super Princess Peach c: ), Heart Magic (allows her to float, cast healing and use as an attack, pretty convenient.), Lamb Summoning (puts her foes to sleep), and more. - Qryzx

3 Her weapons are better than parasols

Her scepter she can summon rings with? I can kind of agree. But Peach's Parasol stuns her opponents, and can block enemy attacks. - Qryzx

4 She's cuter

Hmm, I can agree. Her appearance is more unique than Peach, so that's a plus. - Qryzx

5 She's not a typical damsel

Bowser kidnapped Peach for her powers, also Wendy works for Bowser. - Qryzx

6 Her fans are not bad

True, we are protective, but it's because how much BS that haters send our way. How would you deal with repetitive and/or untrue reasoning from haters? Just think on that. - Qryzx

7 She's more underrated

I can agree greatly on this. Wendy fans are pretty rare. - Qryzx

8 She's great in the cartoons

She's pretty sassy. Also she wears a BIIIG Bow. - Qryzx

9 She's not annoying

Meh, Wendy is annoying at times. What I find annoying about Peach, however, is that Nintendo just keeps her as a Damsel in Distress. I think Nintendo is wasting her potential ON PURPOSE. - Qryzx

10 She isn't there to look pretty

Um, Peach is a PRINCESS. She can't just walk around with casual clothing in her Kingdom. - Qryzx

The Contenders

11 She is the only female Koopaling

So if Peach was the only Princess then her image would improve? - Qryzx

12 She is one of Bowser's minions

Honestly, being in a huge Castle fighting many battles (dying inevitably because the main protagonists are apparently immortal and get unlimited tries) is much better, and to top it off, I could stay at the water world (my favorite set of levels) until the main character gets there and finishes me off! - Qryzx

True, true.

13 She isn't hentai

.. If Peach isn't as appealing visually as Wendy then why would she participate in non canon hentai? By the way, Nintendo isn't a video game pornography company.

As always, this is my opinion, so I still think your list is valid. - Qryzx

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