Top Ten Reasons Why Wendy O Koopa is Great


The Top Ten

1 She is underrated

The other girls are overrated but she isn't and she gets picked on by haters. - WendyIsQueen

True - PeeledBanana


2 She is unique

She's not another recolor of Peach unlike Rosalina and Tracy whom are blue and yellow recolors of her. Toadette is a basic tier clone of Toad. - WendyIsQueen

3 She is bullied because she's a girl

No because she's overrated

The other koopalings aren't as hated on but if they were girls they would be more hated than her. If Wendy was a boy he would be popular! - WendyIsQueen

She deserves it ^_^

4 She wears a bow

Bows are cute and she's the only one that wears a bow other than Birdo. - WendyIsQueen

5 She is upstaged constantly

Pauline stole her role in Mario Odyssey! Rosalina took her role in 3dworld! Why does Daisy have an amiibo but not her? Toadette in Mario run but not Wendy? How Rude! - WendyIsQueen

6 She likes bullying

Her fans are the most retarded people (cough) WendyisQueen (cough)

7 She's not as hated as Birdo

At least she isn't as hated on as Birdo - WendyIsQueen

8 Her jewelry and make up is nice

Unlike the princess trio who have basic jewelry. Wendy knows her style well. - WendyIsQueen

9 She is a cutie

She's ugly. Even the blob fish is sexier than her.

Only her haters disagree. She is the prettiest Mario girl because Rosalina and Diasy are peach clones and peach is ugly. Toadette? Ew and Birdo is not pretty so that means Wendy is the prettiest. - WendyIsQueen

10 She was awesome in the Mario cartoons

Especially the fact that she was a spoiled brat! - TheYoshiPyro64

Don't believe me? Watch The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 to find out. - TheYoshiPyro64

WendyIsQueen more like WendyisTrash


The Contenders

11 She has her own personality

Unlike the princess trio who are the same character. - WendyIsQueen

12 She is iconic

The koopalings are more iconic than their haters think. - WendyIsQueen

Are you being serious? Oh you are... I see. Wendy is not iconic and added nothing new to the series. Yoshi or Rosalina is more iconic. God I hate these Mario character fandom wars...

13 Better than Peach
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