Top 10 Reasons Why Wendy O. Koopa is the Worst Video Game Character Ever


The Top Ten

1 She's generic and lame

She's just Like Lemmy and Morton - ToadF1

Note to Wendy Fans:
You Wendy Fans are all Going to Be Butthurt over this List Right? Well it's not My Fault that I Have to Rub this List in your Faces. So just Remember, I Didn't want to do this, YOU Made me do this! - ToadF1

I feel like you're starting to... overhate Wendy O. Koopa. Don't get me wrong, I agree WendyIsQueen is kind of a bad user, but she's actually a troll and you should just ignore her.

Besides, there are worse Koopalings than her (Larry, Morton and Lemmy); at least she has a personality. - TheYoshiPyro64

2 She's trashy

No Importance in Role - ToadF1

3 She's an ugly girl

She Really is...
Toadette is Cute. Cuter Than Wendy!
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina are Pretty, Guess What Genius? Their Prettier than Wendy!
Birdo is Cute, Cuter Than Wendy!
Baby Peach, Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina are Cuter Than Wendy!

Suck it Up Wendy Fans - ToadF1

4 Her annoying voice

She Sounds Like a Brat, Go Look at #8 - ToadF1

5 She's overrated as hell


6 She lacks personality

Yeah, No Personality at all...
She's just Filler Garbage, The Koopalings are Pretty Much Filler, Wendy is One of them...Filler Bosses - ToadF1

7 Her role in the main games

She's Awful in the Main Games, Due to Being Easy Like Larry and Lemmy - ToadF1

8 She whines like a spoiled brat

That's why DiC had Made her a Bitch in the Cartoons - ToadF1

9 Her kylie jenner lips

Wendy has Big Lips and I Don't Know why... - ToadF1

10 She's just a dick
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