Top 10 Reasons Why Wicca Is Terrible

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1 If you tell people that you are into witchcraft, people will almost always assume you are into Satanism

Even if you try to tell them that you worship gods, that pagans once worshipped.

To assume Wicca/Witches' are Satanic, is showing 2 flaws, First of all, Wicca Don't believe in any kind of Satan, Devil, or nothing that has to do with Christian Theories of Evil. Second, any assumption that something is Evil, is Based on THE FACT, that Fears of The Unknown, is one of Human Greatest fear, it even is more feared than drowning, Burning, and so forth.

Is this bad? At least I'm feared. - AnonymousChick

2 Wiccans disrespect Abrahamic religions.

You are the one who disrespects Wicca - ElSherlock

Anyone who isn't part of the Abrahamic religions is seen as "disrespectful" because of the totalitarian nature of 'one' divine ruler.

3 Most Wiccans are not aware of the fact that witches were feared & persecuted in ancient pagan societies, as well as Christian ones.

Actrully, most Wiccans are aware of this and that's why they don't go around telling everyone that they're part of the religion. - Catlover2004

4 Wiccans exaggerate the numbers of people who were killed for witchcraft, for 3 or 4 hundred years

The numbers were in the thousands, not millions, like Wiccans claim. Besides that, most them were wrongly accused of witchcraft.

I have never heard that "The Inquisitions", were Fatalities numbered in the Millions, Most would say, that the numbers were in the Hundreds, which is more likely the truth of it, I have been a Practicing Witch, Not a Warlock (Black Magic User. ) For b12 years Now, and We tend to worship both a Male, and Female Deity, simply because it is of Equal parts. And yes, I am sure most that were killed, were Wrongly Accused, Again, Just like the Native Americans, The Associated groups were Catholics, and Protestant Christians, But Just a Select few were greedy, Blood thirsty individuals, who believed in Supremacy Of Races, Nothing that should be viewed as an "All inclusive" Judgment.

I know it was thousands. I'm not an idiot. - AnonymousChick

5 Wicca was founded by a sex addict

But it's a new version of Paganism which is older than Wicca and the Bible.
Paganism is older than Christianity.

But Wicca was already a religion it was just made public by a sex addict.

Who cares? A person, right? - AnonymousChick

6 Most people who practice Wicca are teenagers, who eventually grow out of it, as adults.

Teenagers who grow out of it are usually called Fluffy Bunnies look it up ok.

Wrong I learned about Wicca in teen magazine Mizz and I'm still a Wiccan.

So? There are plenty of adult Wiccans. - AnonymousChick

They're also feminists and hippies

7 Wiccans claim that Wicca is 'The Old Religion,' when in fact, it is only less than a century old.
8 Wiccans are tree huggers

Shame on you, I like to hug trees.

BAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA! I'm sorry you want the rain forests to be gone! - AnonymousChick

What so caring about nature is wrong?
I love Wicca.
Oh and to anyone ignorant Wicca is not Harry Potter.

9 Wiccans lack scholarship in their religion

I like Wicca only in the sense it is a popular religion and is a gateway for occult paths such as thelema or Spiritual Satanism - maverick88

The whole point of Wiccanism is studying it. - AnonymousChick

10 It is too sexy to be true


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11 Most wiccans are frauds

Oh like we should've got our Hogwarts letter. Oh wait Voldie cursed the Hogwarts letters for Muggleborns born between late 80s-90s

12 You will get made fun of and told you are going to hell
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