Top 10 Reasons Why the Wii Is Better Than the Wii U

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Wii Is Better Than the Wii U

1 Wii U has the worst games

Yes, it does. Mario party 10, new super mario bros u, and mario kart 8.

Other then this. Wii U should stay more focused on Games that makes us excited. I am not really excited about the games in progress

Not mario maker and mario kart 8 and yoshis wooly world and mario party 10 - YOSHIA2121

The Wii U's games were developed better (except for Smash) than the Wii. Brawl had organized menus and adventure mode but the graphics looked bad.

2 Wii U rips off DS systems.

The DS sucked anyway - YOSHIA2121

Lets pretend the gamepad is the bottom screen of a DS and the T.V. is the Top Screen. This is the exactly the same system of DS systems!

3 Miis were Silent in the Wii games

Wii was fine before but why Wii U? The Mii's Voice are super annoying

Not in mario kart wii - YOSHIA2121

4 Wii has the best games

If you agree this. I am betting that how the Wii games are better then the Wii U games. Warioware: Smooth Moves rocks! Super Smash Bros 4 sucks for being honest


Smash 4 > Brawl but otherwise Wii has better games by far

5 Nintendo now cares for more money from DLCs

So Nintendo wanted to create a brand new system called the Wii U, then they cared about money for people buying DLCs.

Nintendo milked smash bros with amiibos and dlcs and merch and cool teens trying to be idoitic

6 Rosalina appears in Most Wii U games

I am serious about Rosalina in the later Wii U games. Every Wii U Mario games have Rosalina in it and Nintendo is putting her too much. I don't like Rosalina!

True in wii rosalina only appeared in both galaxies and kart wii but in wii u SHES EVERYWHERE

What's so great about Rosalina? - JaneMoffat

7 Wii U is expensive

So is the wii - YOSHIA2121

8 They shut down Nintendo WFC on the Wii and shifted online compatibility for the Wii U

Now I can’t play Mario kart wii online! They should’ve did that

9 The only difference is Wii U is hand held

So is the wii - YOSHIA2121

10 Mii channel theme of Wii was better

More memorable - OnyxtheOcelot

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