Top Ten Reasons Why the Wii U Is Better Than the Nintendo Entertainment System

Many people would say NES better but they're wrong. Wii U is the best! Let's a go!

The Top Ten

1 Better Games

It's really obvious that Wii U is better than NES. NES was Nintendo very first console. It was fun for 80s kids. - Delgia2k

2 Better Graphics

Well yeah, but that isn't a very good reason, is it? Of course the NES graphics would pale in comparison to the Wii U's; the latter is more recent, and thus, has more capabilities (you've even admitted that yourself). Plus, 8-bit graphics are cool man.

3 Easier Games

I like harder games. They really test my skills.

4 Better For Kids

If only they get used to them. I don't really like this list cause' both are my favorite consoles. Plus, they're are nothing to compare. It's obvious that Wii U is better. - TristGamer

Kids aren't going to buy this, they're going to want an Xbox.

5 More Fun
6 More Memorable
7 More Powerful

No duh, nes is way older than Wii u

8 Better Controllers

Danteem, Hello, NES was the very first Nintendo console, it was very popular. And Nintendo updated their consoles by making the Wii U. They're nothing to compare.. - TristGamer

9 Can Play Movies

You can use the T.V. you are playing your game on. Or on your phone or something.

Why you comparing a very old console to a current gen console

10 Super Mario Maker
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