Reasons Why Wii U Is Better Than PlayStation 4

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1 The Wii U is cheaper than the PlayStation 4

It is only cheaper because it has a smaller fanbase, everyone already has a Wii since it was the only one out until now, ( not counting the Wii Mini which was a total flop)

2 The Wii U Game Pad is so innovative, while the PlayStation 4 has a controller that looks the same from the PS3

So? The PS4 controller has speakers and a touch pad just like a Wii U game pad - Katekat123

Totally, it's so annoying when they make tiny tweaks and just release a whole new system.

3 The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games, but the PlayStation 4 isn't backwards compatible

The Wii is my favorite video game console.

Yes. It says unsupported disk and you can't use ps3 controllers,the Wii u can use Wii controllers and it plays the Wii games in HD

4 The Wii U's games are more fun
5 More games

They stopped making games to for this console the year they made it! - Katekat123

More of your favorite game brain games

6 Off-TV Play

Pretty good feature,but the battery life sucks

Very useful when someone is using the T.V..

7 More Family Friendly

You can always play games and have a better time with friends and family on the Wii u! - MasonBoSS

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