Top Ten Reasons Why Wikia Sucks

The Top Ten

1 They block innocent people unfairly

I got blocked a few times, though the fault was mine entirely. I got carried away when someone wouldn't agree with me. Thankfully, the one who blocked me was an admin everyone on the wikia I main on actually trusted. A friend of mine on that wikia, named Trevor, would often get into fights with others, so she took action and had to block him. Then these two douche bags came to our wikia and kept basically threatening to get our wikia shut down, to the point where it felt wrong. LoveRobin took action and had them blocked. One of them made another account, and when he admitted he was one of the harrassers, LoveRobin saw fit to block him. I even warned him that making another account won't work. I should know. I tried it before. I went a good while without them noticing, but then LoveRobin apparently figured it out herself and blocked my other account. Thank God, we haven't those two harrassers in a long time. - PandaMan

Wikia is a retarded site

I know right? - LumiNyte


2 There are so many unnecessary wikias

Gosh, There’s even a Teletubbies wiki!

3 They lie

They say you can't make multiple accounts but I dare you to make 5.

4 It's fake
5 People can have an inappropriate username like fck

Who cares?

6 Annoying ads slows you down

Browsing it on a phone is horrible with all the ads.

Memory leaking ads, autoplay ads, consider yourself lucky there aren't any popups!

7 Swearing is actually secretly encouraged on the website

Just look, most wikias have swearing. By the Wikia staff

8 It's not Wikipedia

No. About 65% of people think that Wikia is Wikipedia. Not that Wikipedia is good

So you're saying that this site sucks because its not Wikipedia? - RandomUser

9 95% of stuff on Wikia is not true

Only if the wikia is not popular, and really bad. - micahisthebest

10 You will get blocked if the information is true

That's right. Please lie as much as you can. Say that Deez nuts means hello

The Contenders

11 "Trending Fandom Articles" and "Fan Feed" which cannot be blocked

What's on there is only relevant to the wiki you're seeing it on in the absolute rarest of cases, and a lot of the articles are old.

Who even cares about that stuff? - TwilightKitsune

12 They close wikis for no reason

I'm looking at you Crappy Games Wiki. - LeetHaterz

13 They say that your work is crap

DO NOT VISIT ANY WIKIA. Simple as that

14 Some wikias have viruses
15 They ignore writing style, and are a slog
16 You get blocked because of small reasons
17 They delete your posts
18 VS Battles Wiki

Bad research - Hummingbirdf

19 You can't delete your own wiki without asking the toxic admins.
20 Fanfiction and shipping is encouraged
21 Closure of the Crappy Games Wiki

It was horrible, just because of GamerGate (which is a stupid reason to close wikis down)

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